Day 14, I think.

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Day 14, I think.

Good morning,
Day 14 here I think. I say I think because I just focus on today. My AV hasn't bothered me much but I know as soon as I post this, that will jinx me and the lil SOB will show up for a conversation.
My sleep is still in the toilet but tracking it and watching to see if it's trending in the improved direction. I don't know if it alcohol related or not but I hope time will tell.
Also, another not so pleasant issue is constipation. I don't know if it's related to me not drink but I hope the ship rights it's self at some point in time.
I'm drinking plenty of water and eating 3x a day now were I used to only eat once a day when drinking.

That's all for now. Have a great day SR!
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I hope both aspects will improve soon C0ntr0ls - of course if you're worried you can always see a Dr

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The voice will continue for a time, although it's actual influence over you will be up to you. I found that I didn't mind it being there after a while, as long as I refused to debate with it. Once you truly commit yourself to not drinking, there is little to fear from the voice, and when you ignore it completely it goes away. Being lured into a dialog with it is not recommended. Simply commit yourself to not having a conversation with it.
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Good job on the 14 . far as your symptom. Think your body still trying to deprogram itself. . if that makes any sense . Keep plugging away. And it gets better. I'm proof it does. I'm living it. Day 75 today. Keep coming back
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