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I know medical advice is not allowed. Has anyone had any experience with niacin for withdrawal and detox?
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I took a multi vitamin which included all the Bs...dunno if it did any good but it didn't seem to do me any harm.

with specific vitamins, or high doses of vitamins, I think you're better off asking your Dr than looking for anecdotal evidence?

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If I'm not mistaking that's vitamin B3. It's important for your body to have all B vitamins, but I'm no doctor. Have you researched information on it? I personally take vitamins and other stuff but not specifically for withdrawal or detox.
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The only thing I’ve ever heard niacin being used for is cleaning one’s system out prior to a drug test..

Just trying to help..
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No experience for using for detox. Niacin is kind of NAD. I have heard of NAD being used for recovery. Have read high doses of Niacin can be hard on the liver. You’ll want to talk to Dr on any of this stuff.
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Definitely not recommending or suggesting use, just read about it for detoxing the body and helping with anxiety and depression. Also helping with inflammation. My withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, insomnia and depression have been so bad these last three days. I’m trying to get an appointment with a doctor but I’m being told “two weeks” till an appointment. I was on the verge of going to the emergency room. I went to the gym twice, and it relieved my anxiety only minimally. So I thought of anything that will help me at this point.
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That's understandable. I'm sure everyone has tried to think of something to relieve the withdrawal symptoms, etc. I'm sorry you're having so much anxiety. It can be very difficult to say the least. Just know that you can get through it.
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Niacin is just a vitamin. Detox drugs mimic the behavior of drugs of abuse without the crippling side effects of addiction - niacin won't do that unless you're abusing B vitamins for some reason.

See a doctor for withdrawal concerns.
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