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Well, I was able to get some sleep last night and I woke up feeling SO much better today! It has been 16 hours since I've had a drink. I still feel a tad bit shaky/jittery sometimtes and my face is still pretty red (is that common?) but I feel like I have pulled through the worst of it. I was able to eat normally this morning and I am feeling more back to myself than I have in a long, long time. It's a good feeling
We're supposed to leave to go camping around noon today. On one hand, it's a good thing because there won't be any temptations to drink there (my fiancee doesn't drink) and I think some hiking/cave exploring would help take my mind off of things. But on the other hand, it's in the Middle of Nowhere, Indiana and there is no cell phone service. I have never had a seizure before, but in the back of my mind that possibility always terrifies me. I'm thinking because I am feeling better that I will be fine, however if it did happen, it would be hard calling for help.
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I'm thinking you will be fine. Just enjoy yourself and try not to worry. Now you know a little of what to expect so you can handle it better.
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I think you'd be good to go, certainly not a medical opinion but I sadly was a pro at 'my' withdrawals so here's my experience.

As things got worse for me, at 16 hours in I was still vomiting every 20 minutes, shaking badly enough that I either stayed in bed/ on the couch, or crawled to where I needed to go so I wouldn't risk falling as I walked. The sweats, the dizziness, the racing heartbeat. Once I could stand it was never for more than a few minutes.

I was stupid and kept it up, drinking for days - withdraw, drink for days - withdraw, eventually I did have a seizure.

You sound like you're in a much better space right now and hopefully if you decide to go, this camping trip will be a bright spot in your sobriety!
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If you are really worried about it you could always just call your doctor and ask what they think. While it's likely you will be fine, you just indicated that you'll be going out into the middle of nowhere with no cell service if something happens. No one here can or should advise you on whether it's OK for you to go as that would be considered medical advice.

I can tell you that the last time I quit on my own, i ended up in the ER roughly about 36 hours after I quit. I was very hung over the first 24 hours but the second morning I had what ended up being a massive panic attack in the middle of a meeting at work which mimicked a heard attack. I did not actually have a heart attack or a seizure, but I was having heart palpitations and my BP and heart rate were through the roof. And that was after I had quit several times without ever experiencing something even close.

So while I'm not trying to scare you - i'm just reaffirming that no one here can safely give you a "thumbs up" to go on the trip as we are not doctors, and it's also against site policy to give medical advice.
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If you do decide to go I hope you have a lovely time. Safe exploring and the start a to a new sober life. Great to have a non drinking girl friend.

Have fun!
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