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Can you do this without medical help??

So this week iíve finally hit the place where Iíve accepted Iím an alcoholic.

Today is day 1. Well actually havenít had a drink in 20 hours now.

Shakes are quite bad. When I breath deeply and be calm they stop momentarily.

I donít want to get medical help. At what point do you really need to go to a doctor though?
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When I entered rehab via a family intervention,
I completed a 28 instay program and a 6
week outpatient aftercare program with no
medication (for me) required.

Down the road I went for a physical to make
sure I was ticking in a healthy way and raised
any questions I may have had concerning my

Don't avoid discussing anxiety or depression
which may occure due to a chemical imbalance
with in our bodies.

I use my recovery program of AA as a guideline
for continued sobriety on a daily bases and use,
physicians available to me, if ever necessary, to
be healthy in mine, body and faith for my soul.

Keep on building a strong foundation in
recovery and life to live upon for many
sober yrs ahead of you.

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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BrianK (06-14-2019)
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I've never had serious physical withdrawal symptoms so I'll try to share my thoughts without reaching too far. But my first impression is that if you can control the symptoms with breathing exercises, you're not too far gone.

If I were in your situation, I'd try to stay home or somewhere safe, and just keep being aware of your symptoms, feelings, your whole state, and be ready to call a doctor if you need to. I'm told physical withdrawals are the worst within 12 to 72 hours of the last drink, so you're already about 1/3 of the way through that! But there's lots of other folks on here with a lot more firsthand experience than me when it comes to physical withdrawals, who I'm sure will be offering all the help they can soon.

For me the hardest part is the emotional and psychological shifts that come with sobriety, and those can persist for weeks to months (for me). So I've learned not to think I'm out of the woods once I get a couple sober days or a week or two. Day 11 here and I'm running in to some things that are going to take some long-term work and soul-searching.

BUT, things are way better today than 11 days ago, so to me it's worth it!

Hope you stick around, learn all you can, encourage others as you go. Very likely in the next few hours, today, and almost certainly by tomorrow, there'll be someone else logging on and posting almost exactly what you did here, and you're going to have the freshest memory of what they're going through and how it felt and how to relate.

Welcome to Life, glad you joined us, and hope this was at least a little helpful! You already helped me today by sharing and being real.

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Why don't you want medical help? You may be able to just get a few days' inexpensive meds (f it's the money you're worried about.)

I had a doctor who would prescribe meds any time I mentioned any kind of physical or mental discomfort. I am certain I could have seen her and she would have immediately given me a few days' meds with no questions asked if I had gone to her. I wouldn't have even had to say, "alcoholic," just, "I'm quitting drinking and feel shakey."

I would go if you're at all concerned. I mean, we don't know you and it would be lots easier and probably safer with meds.
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Hi Al

well you can do it without a doctor - but should you?

I didn't see a Dr - detoxed many times without apparent ill effect...but the last time I detoxed 'home alone' I suffered a series of mini strokes.

I regret not seeing a Dr.

Will that happen to you? It's unlikely...but other things might.

My advice is always to see a Dr if you can manage it.

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entropy1964 (06-14-2019), least (06-14-2019)
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If you can, I would read through some of the threads... especially the ones about being in the first few days. Everyone has different experiences with withdrawal. Mine was horrible, but i did not use medical help or meds. Some people don't really have severe withdrawals even without medical intervention. Others use medication.
I'm with the others that posted. If it gets too bad you should seek medical help, but I have to say, based on the composure of your post and the fact that you're able to calm yourself with breathing my personal opinion is that you can fight through on your own.

my first day I could barely type because my fingers were shaking so badly. I did not post a thread, I just commented on others. I did not create a thread until day 3.
I'm glad you posted. I think you will find people here are very supportive and encouraging.
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I didn't detox using a doctor, but I sure needed a therapist afterwards. I have seen way too many psychologists/therapsits/social workers/alcohol ???. All of them worthless until I was refered to a guy that never asked "how does that make you feel" and "can you talk about that more" and al the other meaningless **** that gets taught in counsler school.

This guy calls me on my **** every time, offers real solutions, and has excellent insight to my real problems. I would encourage you to search, and keep searching till you find someone who is not a rote piece of crap "therapist" but is someone with real understanding and has some solutions to offer. If you were in my area I could refer you to the guy that has turned me around.
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Serenity Now!
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i went to emerg once cause i was in bad shape a few years ago, doc asked if i drive and pulled my license on me, took me 6 months to get it back. my family doc had to see me quit for 6 weeks and check my liver levels.
You can't believe how bad you let things get. - That's not change. - You have to make a decision to change. That's something you do by yourself. Most people - they never do.
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My doctor prescribed a few days of Ativan for me to get thru the detox without the awful anxiety and risk of seizure. Not on them long enough to get addicted, just for the first few days of alcohol withdrawal.
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