Day 5, Something feels different

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Day 5, Something feels different

Hello all,

So today is day five for me and like I said something feels really different this time. Now don't get me wrong I still went and going through a lot of the withdrawals. The first 3 days were the hardest. Health anxiety, shakes, insomnia, nausea, hearing things, sweating, etc. But this morning I woke up and something was different. I feel content. I feel like this is what I've needed for years. I've tried to get sober many times in the past only to fail after a few days. I was always a bottle of whiskey a day or between 10 and 20 shots per sitting. Don't get me wrong the AV is still there telling me to go for it since I feel better (not going to happen). I am going through a divorce, my ex moved to a different state with my youngest for school. I do have my 3 oldest for the summer but 2 of them will be heading down there with her after the summer. My 6 y/o is going to live with me. So there are still struggles there and triggers but I'm putting them down one by one. I want to be here and be there for the things in life I have not got to experience since this addiction took control more than 10 years ago. Anyway thanks everyone for your posts! WooHoo Day 5.

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Congratulations on day five.
I hope that feeling you describe is a letting go. A letting go of the bottle and an embrace of sobriety.
Day five is great, when I was actively drinking it was day four for me. Then back at it.
I don't know what your feeling is, but I hope it sticks around.
And remember, you never have to drink again.
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I can relate to what you are experiencing. After so many failed attempts that I lost count, my last relapse was 16 years ago and something just felt different. I couldn't put my finger on it but didn't want to overthink it either. I just focused on moving forward and taking it as it came, being grateful for the difference. I think what was different was that I no longer had any reservations about a sober life. Alcohol was off the table as option for me and I was good with that finally. What freedom!
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I'm looking forward to day 5! I'm working through day 3 right now...and it's rough. Same symptoms you described--no sleep, heart races easily, jumpy, and don't have energy for anything.

Congrats on day 5! Hope the good feeling sticks with you!
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Congratulations Scottie!!
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I'm Day 5 too and feel like something has massively clicked in my mind 😌 Its a wonderful feeling xx
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Glad you're feeling good, cowgirlie! Congrats on day 5!
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Welcome back Scottie

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5 days is wonderful, Scottie. You're doing this.
Cowgirlie - you too! Very happy for you.
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