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creativespirit9 06-03-2019 05:39 AM

Originally Posted by DJ1 (Post 7197471)
Same here sick of the merry go round & thinking. After a weeks sober I can have one Iím going on a cruise at the end of the year where I would drunk till I couldnít stand now looking forward to been able to go to the coffee shops & fun stuff thatís my goal. But for now itís day at a time
Itís not going to be easy but we have to do it

Agree... we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Jumper13 06-03-2019 07:42 AM

Day 2 right now because I did friggin drink on June 1. Not feeling so hot but that's to be expected. Will type more when i feel a bit better. Just happy to be here.

Apri 06-03-2019 07:50 AM

I am in! Technically i would be with the May group. I have 15 days sober so far. June will be my home group, it will be my first solid month sober.
I am off work today and it is beautiful weather, so i will be enjoying the outdoors today.
Hope everyone is doing well.
For those in their first few days of withdrawal, i wish you so comfort and don't be afraid to ask for medical help. It was game changing for me and speakingfor myself the weight lifted off my conscience is incredible.

creativespirit9 06-03-2019 08:33 AM

Originally Posted by Jumper13 (Post 7197572)
Day 2 right now because I did friggin drink on June 1. Not feeling so hot but that's to be expected. Will type more when i feel a bit better. Just happy to be here.

Hope you start feeling much better soon Jumper..

Calitano 06-03-2019 01:54 PM

Day 3 in the books here. Physically tired and a bit spacey but stuck to the plan and got a few things done. Tomorrow the tiredness should start to lift - there's nothing better than waking up full of energy and feeling healthy!!!
I will exercise after work. Got the gear in the car already - and a class booked so hoping that if I leave work on time, and modulate stress during the day that'll leave me best placed to get to the gym and avoid the post work stress drinking anxiety spiral I used to fall for.

Dee74 06-03-2019 03:00 PM

Welcome Apri :)
Jumper - use the heck out of this support thread - thats what its for - and it beats drinking :)


argillaceous 06-03-2019 04:31 PM

Joining June. Hello all. Day 1 for me.

Enjoying a cup of Constant Comment, and looking forward to not being headachy and lethargic and hating myself when I wake up tomorrow morning...

Red78 06-03-2019 05:48 PM

Day 1 for me too..for the millionth time.
This has to stick one day so I will keep trying.
I'm using junk free June as an excuse to get me started as this includes alcohol, I've made a pact with a work colleague to stick to it with her...

cangirl69 06-03-2019 07:05 PM

June 1 was day 1 for me so I'm definitely in!! I love the support of this forum it's like a family


Finallytime 06-03-2019 07:10 PM

End of day 4. Still feeling a bit foggy, particularly at night (during my normal drinking hours I suppose). Oddly enough I feel quite exhausted, which is a little strange since I havenít actually stressed my body with poison for a few days for the first time in years. Going to bed now. Didnít drink today, and I am so grateful for that...

Dee74 06-03-2019 07:13 PM

Exhaustion is pretty common for a while FT. I reckon my body got used to overrunning to deal with the alcohol so it took a while for things to re-calibrate?

I had other issues as well but I felt better energy wise after 30 days


argillaceous 06-03-2019 08:51 PM

I can't remember the last time I was sober 30 days straight. I know it was more than two decades ago, and I have a strong memory of reading "Drinking: A Love Story" by Caroline Knapp that really resonated with me.

I would love to be sober for 30 days (and more) this summer, and then build that into a life of sobriety. I've failed so many times, so so many, that the idea of even stringing together 30 days seems impossible.

But I don't really have a choice at this point. Not really. Not if I want to try to make something of the rest of my life. So here I am, 13 minutes away from a successful day 1 and feeling good about day 2 because I have come back to SR.

Red and Cangirl, hope you've had good day 1s as well. Let's make tomorrow a darn good day 2, shall we?...

oops, Cangirl just saw June 1 was your day 1. Congrats on finishing your day 3. Hope to follow in your stead.

g'night all

Dee74 06-03-2019 09:41 PM

welcome red argi amd cangirl :)


Calitano 06-04-2019 12:52 AM

Day 4
Feeling good. Optimism slowly returning.
Just read something about how disrupting old ingrained habits helps new ones 'stick' better. So trying to make this my daily first thing instead of the crawl to the coffee machine! Good to start every day with a reminder of my intention to really focus on sobriety. Have had more than a few Day 4s...
Hope you're all doing well.

Finallytime 06-04-2019 02:29 AM

Good morning everyone, Day 5 starting here! I feel good, and I slept really well for the first time since quitting for good 5 days ago. Actually, I canít remember when I slept this well the last time. Wow.

Cali, I do the same! Trying to make it a routine to check in first thing in the morning, and last thing at night before I go to sleep. Create a new routine.


Newbeginning421 06-04-2019 03:22 AM

Day 25! Closing in on 30 days!Entering new territory as the times I have been sober this long before which were like twice it was the assistance of weed. Never have I been sober this long without mind altering substances since maybe i was 16. Did not wake up in the middle of the night feeling like i was going to jump out of my skin either which is nice. If I can do this we all can just keep active in your recovery,post go to meetings or whatever you have to do. Have found this site a great resource and can't put enough emphasize on active participation vs lurking which is something I did for years.

Red78 06-04-2019 03:26 AM

So I made it through the end of day 1 with no drama, just a few voices as I was driving home but just told them to get lost.
Tomorrow night will be the challenge so I need to be prepared for it, if I choose to go to yoga then I won't be home until 630pm which means witching hour will almost be over. My time is between 5pm to 7pm, if I can get past 7pm then the chances are high that the craving will pass and I will be sober for the rest of the evening..
Can't wait to wake up sober in the morning, the best part of not drinking for me..

DJ1 06-04-2019 05:07 AM

On to day 5. Last night I had a bad reaction to BioRebalance was my first day taking it from overload of B niacin **** was scary that stuff is going back !! But I did have a better nights sleep hope that continues it was not a lot of hours but the hours I got slept hard !, itís odd waking up feeling exhausted :(

Today Iím stressed meeting a friend in town who was one of my drinking buddies going with husband already told him if she asks Iím saying hard NO Iíve been practicing what to say very stressful think Iíll just say not drinking giving it a break Donít want to have to go into long detail that Iím not doing this anymore I have a feeling the friendship wonít last after I say no to booze. Sad but true fact

Have a great sober day everyone

argillaceous 06-04-2019 05:16 AM

Hi fellow June travelers. I like that idea mentioned above about disrupting habits. I think it's true and helps sort of wake the brain up a bit from its usual routines.

I read somewhere that brains are inherently lazy; that is, they opt for settling into routines because that takes the least amount of effort. It makes sense if you think about it, because brains want to conserve energy just like every other critter, and doing new things means expending energy.

This idea sort of made sense to me because I've always sort of wondered why doing something new always feels like it takes a lot of effort. But whenever I do something new, or change my usual pattern in some way, I'm typically energized and excited. My brain seems to like waking upóa change in my routine makes me feel more alive.

So here's to breaking just one pattern today and doing something different! I think I will sit outside and catch up on some reading (once I get my paid work done of course...) What's your pattern-breaker going to be today fellow June'ers?

And, lest it not be forgotten, the number-one pattern breaker I need to do every day: not drink.

Here's to Day 2 for that one for me.

Newbeginning421 06-04-2019 05:30 AM

Originally Posted by argillaceous (Post 7198235)

What's your pattern-breaker going to be today fellow June'ers?

While it is more of a long term project I am working on my procrastination. Been changing the pattern a little bit each day instead of watching mindless TV if i do watch something it is a documentary. Have stopped playing computer games. I have noticed the voice telling me to procrastinate is similar to the one that says it is ok to go drinking. I would often go drinking as a way to procrastinate so the two are definitely linked.

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