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DJ1 06-01-2019 05:39 AM

Originally Posted by ReadyAtLast (Post 7196117)
That;s so true finallytime. Every morning I wake up sober I feel relief. Especially on a Saturday morning.

What's everyone doing today? I've done some painting and household stuff. Think I'll read this afternoon. Hope everyone has a good day/night wherever in the world you are.

Thank you have a great day off to start my list

Boracraze 06-01-2019 07:06 AM

Hello everyone. I have been on and off of SR, and ready to hop back in with the June class. I have actually cut way back on my drinking, and had 24 days sober in May. But, I am only fooling myself by dancing on a slippery slope. I want and need to abstain completely.

Look forward to the mutual support of this class.

DJ1 06-01-2019 07:17 AM

Originally Posted by Erratic (Post 7196045)
I am with u Dj1 and everyone else here. day 2 for me

trying to post more and explore this great site again to get comfortable with meeting new people on this site and talk. Although like Dj1 i have been here for over 10yrs and have struggled for all of them aswell. However mariposa is i am a regular at another thread of april 2018 and as u say it is motivating to join another class.

have great day all, hope to see u all tomo or later as i am working this weekend.

Hi Erratic we know the drill fall down get back up this time lets stay on the sober bus good luck we can do this we have to :)

Sober81 06-01-2019 07:36 AM

Hi guys & gals, just a quick check in.
I'm on Day 134 :) Doing very well too! I've really impressed myself and my friends, family & Dr.
Health has improved massively and waking up day after day without a hang over is SO worth it.

I hope everyone here is doing well.
To those struggling hang in there, it does get easier with time. If you have a relapse the most important thing is to not mentally beat yourself up. Pick yourself up,, dust yourself off and give it another shot.
I must of had at least 20 false starts before I got any true traction with my path of sobriety.

Sober81 06-01-2019 08:33 AM

Oh I almost forgot too. Over this time my Wife and I have saved over $3334 by not drinking! How cool is that/
Make sure you enjoy the weekend everybody..

BTW I tried to edit my original post. However it seems we can no longer edit our posts? Or am I missing something?

Jumper13 06-01-2019 12:39 PM

Count me in. It's day 1 (again) and I need some accountability.

Calitano 06-01-2019 02:20 PM

Day 1 (again) for me too.
I stopped working my plan, getting back here is part of the new one.

sydneyman 06-01-2019 02:39 PM

Day 205,,this is possible. Just giving you guys some hope. The saying that it gets better still rings true for every week that goes by. Don't stop.
Hard work, 100% commitment , determination and perseverance is the key. Your whole life has to change not just removing the alcohol. Life is a lot different on this side.

Dee74 06-01-2019 03:05 PM

Welcome boracraze calitano and Jumper :)

Good to see you Sydneyman and you too Sober 81 - editings still the same as far as I know - you get 15 minutes.


mariposa 06-01-2019 04:57 PM

I woke up early, coffee, yoga, cardio. Washed my car, ate a healthy lunch, then napped for a few hours. At day 62, the exhaustion has returned. I think the recent stress has left me without much reason to be awake and has drained my energy. I feel lost without work. Itís not a place Iím comfortable with, especially when staying sober. Tonight some shrimp n pasta, maybe an old scary movie and back to bed. Sleeping my way through this white knuckle time.

Oregongirlsite 06-01-2019 09:26 PM

Day 1 Again
Thankful that I can come here without shame. I had one 10 day stretch of sobriety about 6 weeks ago. Then I just impulsively drank. Itís been a daily thing. But I have a job, maintain my home, walk 3 miles daily...believing a lie that I can be moderate. I know I have written about this before and because of that shame made me stay away from SR. So Iíd ask to be part of the June class. I need the help found here. My life is consumed with wanting alcohol to be part of everything. Thanks for listening.

Dee74 06-01-2019 09:37 PM

welcome Oregongirlsite :)


Erratic 06-01-2019 10:04 PM

early morn check in before work x

good to see many here and yeah Dj1 yup i know the drill, going to keep positive and keep going x

day 3 and like some this too can be a negative time for me but lucky me i am working a 12hr shift today so will be to tired to think of the A work or even do.

good job on your days and hope today goes well for you all xx

Newbeginning421 06-01-2019 11:36 PM

Not doing well today experiencing something I could not put my finger on that i had once before. Withdrawal akathisia from coke. Led me to the psych ward when i was 17 but now that I am older can be strong and hopefully ride this out.

Dee74 06-01-2019 11:50 PM

I dunno if that's common in withdrawal but I've experienced the same before.
Stay focused and try not to worry too much - things should look better tomorrow :)


peaceful2 06-02-2019 01:00 AM

Hi everyone. Joining this class with 4 days of drug free life. Today is glorious 😊

ConfusedGuy 06-02-2019 01:28 AM

Hi - I'm wanting to sign up for June. I 'relapsed'. so today (June 2) will be day 1, again. I posted on another thread, after a couple months off alcohol, I took a drink yesterday, then the whole day got crazy. Woke up this morning feeling like death. Lucky I think I did not do anything too crazy, cannot remember getting home, found a taxi card in my pocket but dont remember. so I start sobriety again today, wish I could 'rewind' yesterday. Why did I think I could just have a couple of drinks? it never is just a couple. I think I just got lazy about sobriety, then the craving from hell kicked in.

Finallytime 06-02-2019 02:12 AM

Good morning Class of June Ď19, good morning day 3. I slept ok under the circumstances, a bit fitful, and so many dreams. I hear day 3 can be a challenge so I will be mindful of that.

What will you do to not drink today?


Calitano 06-02-2019 02:51 AM

Hello all, Day 2 morning check in for me.
Off to the gym shortly, then I need to catch up on a little work.
Evening plan: long walk with a friend to keep me out of trouble.

Dee74 06-02-2019 03:00 AM

welcome peaceful and confusedguy :)


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