Time to say goodbye for now!

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Time to say goodbye for now!

Oh SR, you have been so wonderful to me, especially in the early days when I felt hopeless and had terrible health anxiety!! Iím at day 336 and life is going great!! Sober living is fantastic and I truly believe I will never pick up a drink again, I have zero desire to! And I also know that I canít, sure I wasnít an all day or every day drinker, but my binge drinking wrecked my life enough and I know I will never be the type to have one or two. I havenít been on here much the last 6 weeks or so when I use to check in every day. The reason why is because the site almost has been a trigger, brings me health anxiety and almost makes me relive my drinking days which I never want to go back to!! I love you all and wish you many years of sober success!! Iím so grateful for you all for giving me hope in those dark early days. Iím going to keep using my tools that I have to keep winning the sober fight. Thank you so much SR, you have been a detrimental part in my sober journey and I love you all❤️
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Thanks, AmbyMarie, and you know you can always stop in anytime you want to.
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Understand where you are coming from, but know that your sobriety and experience can give so much inspiration to people like me (day 16) best wishes :-)
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Good luck and congrats. We'll be here if you ever need it.
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Understandable, I couldnít comeback for my early sobriety but then needed support and advice. Comeback when ready or if you need support. Stay strong 💪
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Glad you're doing so well. Enjoy life!
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HI AmbyMarie

Of course you can do whatever you want - just remember the door is always open here if you need us

best wishes

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Goodbye AmbyMarie!
It was a pleasure to meet you. And best to you in the future. We're open twenty four hours seven days a week if you ever want to come by.
Best to you in sobriety!
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Please don't go. You can't leave us. Stay. Please stay.
<she struggles to the door dragging me across the floor as I hang on to one of her ankles>
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