Detoxing Pain

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Detoxing Pain

My limbs feel so heavy and weak. My stomach is out of whack. My vision is blurred and my thought process is off.
Is there anything I should be taking to help ease the withdrawal or detoxing symptoms?
I know I should probably be in bed but that is impossible, I still have to work daily and try to act normal when inside I am exhausted and in pain.
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Maybe see doctor ?
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A good diet and keeping yourself well hydrated is essential. If you have access to steam or dry heat, this will help too. Hang in there and stay the course.
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are you able to take a day off, call in sick, or just half a day and go to a walk-in clinic? The latter typically take your vital signs, ask aboutnand check out your symptoms and let you off with a prescription that should pull you through the week, in my experience.
I did that too, struggled a week (in sober withdrawal) at the job with horrible tremors. I was partnered up and so embarrassed cuz I could barely type having obvious tremors, not to mention the sweats and agony within I was experiencing no one would understand.
Once my manager hugged me and commented on how I was shaking all over, I had no explanation to give her. She commented on how she had anxiety (but clearly wasn't an alcoholic) and had some meds for it I knew would help me. I prayed she'd offer me at least 1, but couldn't ask. I kept it hidden well, until after a number of times, which also included finding me passed out by my colleagues on the lawn when I didn't return from lunch.
I was eventually respectfully dismissed, the problem being obvious but never mentioned. They had given me so many chances, but I hated that job anyway. Still grateful though (they were compassionate doctors) yet incredibly embarrassing being let go by saying that my job just wasn't for everyone. Cringe worthy day.
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Runswithspoons (04-18-2019), scared1 (04-16-2019)
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Originally Posted by apollo986 View Post
A good diet and keeping yourself well hydrated is essential. If you have access to steam or dry heat, this will help too. Hang in there and stay the course.
I agree with Apollo and of course REST.

I get that you have responsiblities, but time and self care are what will allow your mind and body to heal. There just isnt a short cut
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scared1 (04-16-2019)
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Just livin' the dream
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You should definitely see a doctor.
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I'm familiar with those symptoms too. I forced myself to eat lots of fresh fruit, healthy meals and lots of water. I took walks in the fresh air and breathed deeply to get more oxygen into my lungs and bloodstream.

It's called detox. Getting the bad out and filling it with good. It's a harsh reminder of what alcohol does to our system.

You are not alone in this.
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I used to shake at work all the time. My hands were fidgety. I couldn't legibly write or type. I still didn't stop drinking; just eventually, I was let go from that job. I even told my bosses what my problem was, and was given many chances.

Alcoholism will take everything from you. It's not a matter of if but when. Now is always the time to stop. You can do it; I believe in you. Once you're through the withdrawal, you'll feel physically better. Alcohol kills cells and disrupts your brain chemistry. You should see a doctor when you get the chance.
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sweetichick (04-17-2019)
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How are you feeling today Scared1?

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Hey Scared1
I feel for you. I was on here posting about foing to detox tonight. I found no one, so was gonna just go to do hospital when I looked up and around and I was home alone and completely terrified and in sweats. I live in a condo and in yet another psychotic episode I felt like ALL the frequencies from the neighbors devices, my appliances, electronic devices...its around 5:30pm so everyone is home and my sensory system was COMPLETELY overloaded to the point of a light physical paralysis. I was trippin balls. All alone and freaking out on the inside. It felt like I was being bombarded with electricity and then (reality) the whole 3 units that I could see, lost their electricity. Then it cut back on immediately. (Also reality)... Then things took a HUGE turn for the worse... I began a dangerous auditory hallucinatory expwrience where I felt like the neighbors in the thin wall behind the couch (prolly their bedroom), spewed out a ****-talking session which included their plans to burglarize my place, and ended with me surveilling the complex with a machete in the side of my hoodie. I thought I heard all their plans to rob amd beat me and my BF at gunpoint once he came home. I freaked out thinking it was sooo real and sadly, probably gave a bunch of my neighbors reason to be suspicious. I'll apologize to the ones I know, but i was truly freaked out in a psychotic delusion. Alerting my BF to come home because our neighbors are talking about robbing us. And its a fact because I heard them talkjng through the walls. My delusions have never felt so real . I felt better immediately when my BF whom is a Marine Corps vet, came home and promised me that nobody would hurt us. ...Well, needless to say, he's dropping me off at the ER tomorrow morning before his court and I'll be HAPPY to take a 5-day stay at ANY institution to get rid of these DTs and psychotic episode resulting primarily from my tapering of long-term alcohol abuse at home. Its the most frightening experience with the hallucinations i have had yet, but I also observed a pattern which progresses which is even scarier.
God will Bless you on your road to recovery
He loves you
You will be FREE once you do the work
Best of luck to you. See y'all in 5. ✌
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And for the record I had all my things in a satchel, onthe side of my hoodie - nothing was flaying around - (clearly, I'd be in Clark County Detention Ctr now), but its a big condo, neighbors are all very vigilant due to a string of recent burglaries and I thought i was on some kind of covert mission or something. smh ...cant wait til maņana!!!
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