Warm weather makes me have cravings

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Warm weather makes me have cravings

Iíve tried to quit 3 times for real. This being my 3rd quit.

I have quit relatively same time each timeóJanuary. My longest quit was 6 months, until June. And then, fell off the wagon and didnít try to quit again for two years. My goal this quit was to stay quit and make it past 6 months, and thru the summer without drinking.

Right now I am almost at 3 monthsódaylight savings, sun pops out and stays out longer, and itís flip flop weatheróand all I can think about is having a drink.

Need advice. Up until this point, Iíve been strong and not craved a drink. Itís the warmer weather and itís association to drinking in my world. These cravings are strong. Iím staying sober, posting for support.
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Stay strong! Cravings won't hurt you but drinking might.
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Everything gave me cravings. Warm weather, cold weather, rain you name it.
I had to commit to sobriety and not worry about the weather or other triggers.
They're going to be here and they're not going anywhere. So I think it's best just to get used to the idea it's going to be warm and make the most of the nice weather instead of picking up a drink.

You've got three moths, and that's great. Please don't let he weather lose it for you.
It's one thing we can't change or have control over so best get used to it.
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If it's really the warm weather, then make new "sober" associations.
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the warm weather doesn't MAKE you want to you said above you have learned to associate warm weather with an excuse to drink. part of recovery is learning to pull the fuse on our triggers and associations. see what we connect to drinking.......and then disconnect it. it is essential that we do so.

if you have decided you aren't going to drink, they you are not going to drink. period. nothing can make you, short of being duct taped to a chair with a funnel crammed down your throat. assuming THAT doesn't happen............

you can still enjoy everything about warmer weather....lighter clothes, flip flops, hell going OUTSIDE and not freezing to the porch! you can enjoy the feeling of the sun on your face and skin. absolutely nothing else changes except what type of beverage is in your container. the sun is going to shine regardless.
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3 months is great, congratulations! I had a lot of "firsts" in my first year sober too - first sober Christmas, first sober summer, etc. I drank all day every day so there really wasn't anything specific associated with "cravings" though - pretty much anything could bring on those thoughts.

Thing is though, "cravings" are simply thoughts. How you react to them is entirely up to you. For example, you might get really angry at someone and have an urge to do something rash in return, but you have the choice not to as well. You might also see a commercial on TV that really gives you an urge to rush out and buy a new car, but most people don't. Having an urge to drink is no different - it's just your mind having thought about something - and you know logically that it's a really bad decision to just just tell yourself that. I mean literally - say it out loud "I don't drink anymore".

As carl mentions you can start making new healthy associations with warm weather too. Go take a walk, get some ice cream, ride a bike, go bird watching, there's literally a million things you can do instead of drinking alcohol. Over time the urges will decrease as you learn new healthy ways to live.
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Summer was always a big drug/drinking time for me always. Dead shows when I was younger, bar scene in my 20ís, and then everyday always any reason until 42.

I guess itís just that I havenít really been faced with lots of ďdrinkingĒ situations up until this point. I live in a very active neighborhood where people sit outside on driveways and have a few drinks in the warmer weather, my neighbors are always outside inviting us over for BBQ or drinks, swim parties etc.

Iíve been in the cocoon of my house this winter working on my sobriety. Havenít been around alcohol. The upcoming situations will be difficult. Iíll either stay sober or pass on the invites. And, Iíll work on making new ďwarm weather associationsĒ.
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Hey Suzie
I am from Ontario Canada so I know what you are going through. This was the hardest time for me to stay sober as well.

Last year at this time I was so frustrated with the winter dragging on. I felt strange and restless. Sunday was especially deadly. Luckily the liquor stores closed at 4pm so I in my early days of sobriety I would white knuckle it until then.

I will be one year sober in May and I just want to let you know that it really does get so much better. Instead of obsessing about alcohol my mind has become engaged in life again. I am able to actually relax and enjoy a good movie when the weather is crummy. I love cooking cozy meals and taking my dogs for walks without the ugly AV telling me that drinking was inevitable and I might as well just give in.
Give yourself small goals like just making it to liquor store closing time and you will find it does get so much better as your mind heals and returns to its natural healthy rhythms.
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Would it be more accurate and perhaps powerful to say that what you tell yourself about warm you cravings?

Thus really perhaps the external stimulus which seems outside of your realm of control, is stemming from your own perceptions, which could be in fact a relief, as our perceptions though subjective are within our control.

Weather is arbitrary.

Anything you could do to calibrate the lens of your perceptions through which you view warm weather?

We should always be asking ourselves: ďIs this something that is, or is not, in my control?Ē
- Epictetus, Enchiridion

Today I escaped from anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions ó not outside.
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
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I'm glad you're determined to make it past 6 months and congratulations on 3 months of sobriety.

This seems like a great opportunity to make some changes to help support your recovery. The good weather is an invitation to get outside and enjoy nature. You could plan walks/hikes, join a softball team, plant a garden that needs your attention. Try to think of outdoor, sunshiney things that will help you stay sober and enjoy life.
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Hi Suxie

I live in Australia it's much the same where I live all year round. Early on I ha to fight those rosy daydreams of me and my friends in the sun, genteely drinking laughing and having fun.

IT was never that way at all - or if it was not for long.

Play the tape through to the end as they say - force yourself to remember where that decision to drink has always taken you and will take you again.

Cravings can be worked through - and once you realise that and accept it things will get easier again (CarolD's tips for cravings)

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My first year was full of lots of firsts, and that pang hit me each time. First fire in the woodstove, holidays, snow, spring, hot summer days, etc. It got easier with time, but I had to experience the ďfirstsĒ of that first year because I spent so long drinking my way through them all. Youíve got several months of practice to build on, and each day gets a little easier.

As others have suggested, forming new associations really helped me. I committed to getting back in shape, so the warmer weather was a chance to get outside and do something, anything, other than sit on the couch and drink. Iím a little older than you, and feeling and looking better is such a great motivation to keep going. Well into my second year, I can honestly say that those strong associations are gone, replaced with my ďnew normalĒ.

Best wishes,
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Well I thought I posted something here already but appeatently I didn't hit the submit button.

I'm definitely there with you, Suzie. It was like clockwork. On cue, the sunny long day got me daydreaming about drinking. This is my second go around at sobriety and just like you I made it 6 months last time. I pledged a whole year this time.

I do know this much: I won't be drinking tonight
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Congratulations on the 3 months! Iím on 14 days. I totally get the warm weather thing. My deck is calling and the AV is telling me how good Iím doing. I donít have a problem with Alcohol. But yes I do and wine is not my friend. Have you tried a different drink. Thatís what I tried tonight! It worked well. I made a yummy non alcoholic drink! Next week Iíll try a different one and put it in a pretty glass and sit on my deck. And the best part is there wonít be a hangover.

You got this!
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I very consciously and deliberately focus on and celebrate each and every moment in my day that is better because of sobriety.

It's amazing how many things, big and little, I have now that were impossible before.

And then, of course, I vividly reflect on all the awful things that I'm free from now. Not least of which is the impending death from liver disease which was a certainty if I didn't stop.

Generally, to stay quit, I need to enjoy sobriety rather than simply living a life of abstinence. So far, it's worked out well for me. Not that I'm immune to relapse, but with every passing month I enjoy sobriety more and more and am, if anything, more acutely fearful of all I have to lose if I start drinking again.
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Wow, this is great, thank you!
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