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Hi all , this Monday Iím going to quit smoking , I really donít want to but itís time . Nervous about it , helped with not drinking but itís something I have to do. Tuesday will be 500 days also. Itís a miracle
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Congratulations on 500 days of sobriety and good luck with stopping smoking.
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Yes, congratulations on your sober time and your decision to quit smoking.
Are you using any aid? I found Nicotrol very helpful. There's also the patch and gum, which you, unlike Nicotrol, don't need a prescription for.
Best of luck to you you're making a great step in improving your health.
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I use lozenges. very helpful
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Congrats on the sober time!

With regard to smokes, I'd just go cold turkey and be done with it rather than use a nicotine substitute. It's 72 hours of suck, and 2 weeks of nags that pass after 90 seconds and happen less frequently as each day passes during that time. Once you make it to day 4 there's little reason not to stick it out. Good luck!
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you can do this kdon - congrats on 500 days

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I went cold turkey not long ago and the first two weeks were hell for me,but then the cravings just vanished. 33 days in now and feel great. No longer out of breath walking up the stairs etc.
I really missed them at first but not at all now.
Definitely doable.
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wow! congrats on 500 days. amazing.

I quit smoking over 10 years ago and now I'm trying my best to quit drinking. If I can ever help with the smoking hit me up...and perhaps you can return the favor with the drinking! LOL
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Congratulations on your recovery and good luck!

I met someone yesterday in an amazing way who shared with me some important business connections. 5 minute meetings that change everything in good, easy ways. He's a survivor of serious tobacco addiction repercussions and is doing very well now.

Do you have a plan and in-person support for becoming a non-smoker in recovery?
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Not much to add but wanted to say congrats on the 500 days and stay strong on the smoking front! The main thing that helped me phase it out (I was not nearly as addicted to smoking as to booze so take with major grain of salt) was working out and wanting to be semi-competitive in triathlon. You could substitute other athletic pursuits or just wanting to be fit but I found the pain of trying to work out after smoking made it easier to resist the day/night before. For whatever that may be worth!
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Congratulations on 500 days!
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