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seeking support and advice

ill be honest, took a lot of time to find an online forum/group that was easy to navigate and sign up... I stuck with it, and here I am.

Hello all,
I am not sure how to start out other than to just give some background and then explain what brought me here. Im 7.5 years sober from drinking after quitting cold turkey. What a life changer is has been. I do cope with minor depression / anxiety and take meds to help. they have worked great. What brings me here today, recently had surgery and was prescribed small dosages of percacet to dull the pain, and to be honest the pain dulled but I experienced something else that is difficult to deal with. This medication has given me intense focus and drive to do things and complete projects like never before. I do not get groggy it does just the opposite, I get stuff done and feel a drive to do things. Why is this happening and is this normal. Ive never taken pain killers. I do have an apt with a doctor to talk to and hopefully get some answers to my questions. I will be evauluated for adhd. Ive always had this thought in the back of my mind and I finally took the step to get tested and consuling.
looking forward to getting a response and hearing what you have to say. thanks
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Hello, and Welcome!

First of all, congratulations on such a long period of sobriety! I can imagine it was difficult at times but you powered through. It shows your commitment to sobriety.

I personally don't have any history with painkillers but I just wanted to say I'm glad you are going to see your doctor and are comfortable being honest with your concerns!
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hmmm. Perc's are opiates, so they are central nervous system depressants. As I understand it, people with ADHD are prescribed amphetamines, stuff like adderall and ritalin. They are stimulants and for whatever neurological reason allow people with ADHD to 'focus'.

Opiates make me relaxed and 'high'. Generally not motivated however. They also make me nauseous and yuck! And they are very addictive if taken too long.
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Congratulations on 7 and a half years SC, fantastic. We are not allowed to give medical advice here but there is a thread for opiates where there might be people with similar experience. Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you an indication as to why you are feeling more focused and driven.
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Getting some pep from opioid drugs is typical. You have to get pretty high to start getting the nods.

Don't take more than directed, don't take for more than a week, tell your dr you like them.
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