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allishope73 11-01-2018 04:52 AM

Saying hello
Hello kind people. Its sad day for many folks who lost their family of friends. I usually light a candle and take a quiet day full of reflection and memory for death ones. Hope you all be safe. Yesterday i never posted as felt to sit around people and luckly there was a mtg at church across road at 8 pm folks i know and it was lovely AA mtg and we had laugh as usual and hugs . I m doing well regarding recovery ... no alcohol no ciggaretes . Regarding life i m trying to do but simple calls exhaust me . Like i have no energy i think fear . Huge fear and helplessness but i do them and after I rest... i self talk ...i reapeat to myself :you do not know whats behind the corner ... stop panicking. Usually in the evening i feel more upbeat. I was looking for November group but could not find yet ... maybe too early . Thanks for being . XD

Dee74 11-01-2018 03:19 PM

I'm glad you found the November thread eventually allishope - for anyone else looking the thread is here:

all you have to do to 'join' is post :)


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