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Foods to keep busy with in early Withdrawl

On a Positive note.

What is everyone's go-to HEALTHY food in early withdrawal?

Generally, I love vegetables and fruit etc, and I figured i am probably not getting enough vitamines atm.

any ideas on what kind of drinks or foods to make just to ease withdrawal symptoms instead of just slugging it out from day 1.

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Not sure if itís healthy but I will forever associate Indian takeout (curried beans and veggies and rice and pakora) with detoxing because I got a ton of it the day I stopped and ate it over the first couple days.

Yogurt is good, and bananas, avocado toast, soup...

Really, just eat.
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I had to just start eating too! Originally, and for a couple months, my simple daily to dos included "eat twice."

The good stuff I could stomach then liked was lower salt chicken noodle soup, citrus fruit or melons bc small bites, bananas as my gag reflex lessened....Gatorade or diet lemonade and I went through a diet cherry sprite phase....I also got the oh so common ice cream bug a bit in (and. Ahem, have still had it in ebbs and flows through my two years 6 mo to date.... )

Small meals at the start were good for me as well.

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I ate tons of fruit. I hoped to lose weight in sobriety, and I also knew I didnít feel well if I indulged in cakes, cookies, etc. so I ate all the fruit I wanted. It probably helped replace all of the sugar from my wine habit in a healthy way.

I quit during grape season, and I think I ate a whole vineyard. I kept a bowl of cut fruit in the fridge at all times so it was at hand if my belly or brain started rumbling.

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smoothies are great! spinach, fruit, coconut water, 100 percent juice.
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Hi . From my expierience early withdrawal is to eat as anxiety kills apetite first day. Regarding food anything you like but to help liver and organs meals made from scratch not processed. I found bone broth on organic chicken on beef with plenty veg very good for body. Cooked broccoli green veg with some real butter help liver. Fruit and smoothies vitamins. I am coffee drinker so it works for me but i know green tea is better option. I do love roasted beetroot parsley carrot and hummus body liking it. Good lean steak with veg always works. Fish ...avocado... salads ...grean leaves ... eggs ... some greek yoghurt. Carbs i do love millet , buckwheat , roasted sweet potatoes etc. But if you feel like having cheescake have a cheescake if this helps to avoid alcohol. Although , giving liver more work to do. Herbs turmeric , milk thisle . And garlic ginseng fresh parsley ...listen to your body it always tells you and plenty of water. Good luck . Let me know how the diet going. Ps i might say i also gave up ciggaretes at one time and 2 weeks from 64kg inm 62 at 9.11 height eating plenty foods and exercising . X D
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