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Got sick after 6 weeks of abstinence from alcohol. Funny, the first time in about a year that I succumbed to flu and colds. Seemed that I easily got stressed and tired without the occasional tipple or that weekly binge. Anyone share this experience?
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Yah I got “real” sick too during the first few months. Before I was usually only ever “hangover” sick. Same happened to other people in my outpatient group. Since then I’m feeling super healthy and don’t really get sick. If I’ve got a cold it was short lived. Quitting smoking has probably helped too. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it and keep on the wagon. Good work on 6 weeks!
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Yes, the first few months I seemed to have a cold every other week, but after that I haven't had a major cold.
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welcome Amando

I'm sorry you're sick - I think it's common in the early days ...but at 6 months mebbe you're probably just one of many who caught a bug?

If it seemed like I never got sick when I was drinking it was because I drank through my illnesses.

I can only remember one or two times when I was too sick to drink,. but I'm sure I was sick a lot more times than that.

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Everytime. I always thought it was because alcohol kills everything, the good and the bad, in my body. But i'm probably imaging that. I think it was just another excuse to keep drinking.
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