Checking in.. 60 days.

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Checking in.. 60 days.

60 days without a drink today. Longest it’s been in a while...

I haven’t checked here as often as I did in the beginning, but as I’ve had some thoughts which I mention below i thought it’s a good idea to check-in and remember why I started...

Firstly... It feels great and the best part is the momentum I’ve been able to build in important areas of my life that continually were hindered by continued “binges”. Not to mention no longer worrying about getting myself in really uncomfortable / bad situations, and feeling like complete hell for a week or more after.

At this point I do notice the thoughts coming in more “could I just drink normally again”, “wouldn’t it be nice to go party and let loose”... along with the “left out” feeling of not partying like I used to.

Don’t get me wrong these are not overpowering and nowhere near my desire to stay off the drink, but they do come.

Anyway... it’s been great, I look forward to more progress and open to any insight as to these thoughts mentioned before coming in at this stage in the process!
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What would you REALLY get out of drinking "normally" and "socially," assuming that you could?

Was it really SO great that you'd risk going back to the negatives you described, which, by the way, will only worsen with time?

Go ahead, I'm listening. Give me the overwhelming, lasting and positive things that social drinking brings to your life.

Just decide you're a non-drinker now and be done with it.
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well done GI - congrats on 60 days

I drank so much I knew the answer to 'could I drink again' was 'sure - but not if I want a different life'.

Never confuse control with abstinence. They;re not the same thing.

The new sober life I built worked out great. I'm more socially active now that I ever was a drinker

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Well done.

I tried the "drinking normally" thing after 140 days. Let me tell you it's a waste of time.

The same issues are still there.

Firstly...I always drink to get drunk. So as soon as I had one sip, I was on a mission to get pretty drunk.

Secondly, the hangovers are getting worse. They reawaken the cravings and they reset your recovery mentally for sure.

So yeah, attempting moderation is just impossible. I either want a lifetime of being a slave to drink, of anxiety, depression and obsessing over alcohol....or I choose sobreirty and all the benefits that brings. There really is no choice to make.
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Glad you shared and great going on 60 days. I think all of us have had some kind of vision or idea of returning to some kind of a drinking life. I've just had to keep going trusting that the sober life I have been building is better than any alternative that includes alcohol.
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Congrats on two months sober! Keep going, it gets better.
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