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Well last week I realised something.....

Ever since I was 16 have drank alcohol most days. 16 - 29 with friends most nights. Then I met my wife at 29 and for the last 17 years we have both spent most nights her with a bottle of wine and me with beers. Drinking until we fall asleep. Sex about 1 or twice a year.

We both had good jobs and been very busy so you donít really class yourself as having an alcohol problem. Losing my mother (who was an alcoholic) 2 years ago made me read so to the disease and itís been a reverlation to my own situation. Iíve cut down the drink to Friday Saturday only for the past few weeks.

I am now starting dry October tomorrow.

Iíve feeling very regretful of just sitting here looking out the window and drinking most nights for the past 17 years and feeling a little shocked. All this may sound a little mad but I just thought I was a heavy drinker.
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I don't think it sounds mad, actually it's in keeping with many people's experience. Drinking every night but holding down a job and having a stable family challenges that traditional view of alcoholism. Whether you feel you are an alcoholic or not, drinking every night is destructive in so many ways. It sounds like you are making some healthier choices. Beginning to properly reflect on your relationship with alcohol can be quite jarring but the better you understand it then more active you are in decisions to move forward xx
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