My ex is not even dead

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Sweeti, have you finished drinking? If so now would be a good time to delete all of these contacts.
You had the 1st wife tell you he's dead, then the daughter say he is alive, then the current wife's aunt tell you he did die, then found out on Facebook he's alive, then the 2nd wife confirm he's not dead, then the current wife say he is dead- complete with photos (of what?!?!)
Dead or alive, this man needs to be put in your past. The various wives and aunts and daughters and relatives surrounding him are taking advantage of a psychologically unwell person- you.

You need to delete and block all of these people from any form of medial where they can make contact- all social medial and telephone. If someone comes to your house make it clear they are not welcome and say you will contact the police for a restraining order if they come again. And then do it.

Now that is that mess. The equally important mess is your drinking. Selling your car to go to rehab is an excellent idea. You can get away from everything and everyone and concentrate on the most important thing, getting sober.

Sweeti, nothing is going to get better if you keep drinking. Nothing. I know this from experience so I say that with compassion and concern.
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