I'm not sure if this is alcohol addiction?

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I'm not sure if this is alcohol addiction?


I'm new here, and here because of my mother. She has been drinking for years, and over the last few years, it's been obvious she has a problem. More of a functional alcoholic, and appears to be able to "stop" whenever she wants. However, I'm seldom physically around, therefore, I don't know if she's hiding it from my father, who seems to think she's not drinking all of the time.

my mom has been diagnosed with a psychological/mental condition for hearing voices/people talking to her, and that could be why she drinks. I truly believe it's the other way around, that she's hearing voices from years of alcohol abuse. She has physically hit my father, several times. Often has no recollection. Many other stories, but my curiosity, is this part of being an alcoholic?
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Welcome and I'm sorry for your situation with your mother.

I don't know that alcohol can cause you to hear voices. Since she's been diagnosed with a mental health issue, that could be the reason she is hearing things. I hope that she has talked to her doctor about this.

For you, AlAnon in your area might be a good option as a support.
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Welcome, catterkane.

It's so hard to answer your question. I can only share my experience. I've never heard voices due to alcoholism. Mental health issues can be complex. Your Mom may be trying to get rid of the voices by drinking. Hard for me to say. If your Mom is on medication and drinking this may exacerbate her symptoms. Any concerns should be shared with her Doctor.

I agree with Anna. Look up Al Anon in your area and attend some meetings. This would be a great way to get help coping with this situation.
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Welcome to the family. Drinking never made me hear things, but it did lots of other damage.

I hope you'll check out AlAnon in your area for support.
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