Just half a glass....

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Just half a glass....

Of champagne. In my dream last night, I forgot I was a non-drinker in dreamland and drank half a glass and was horrified at myself. I didn’t enjoy the taste or feel good but in my dream was in a quandary about what to do. Make myself sick? Re-write my sober start date? Finish it off and get to the bar?

Back in the real world, If I did drink in this setting I know what would inevitably happen. Ten pints later I’d be back to square one. What a relief it was a dream

(Funny it was champagne, not my drink of choice. I didnt even likely that sticky stuff. Maybe my subconscious was playing with the sophistication and ‘finesse’ of alcohol....rather than the metal cans on my sofa 😂😂 )
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I had regular drinking dreams in the first couple of months sober, from what I hear it is pretty common. One memorable dream involved Arnold Schwarzenegger and lots of beer, I don't like either! By all accounts, dreaming is the brain sorting out it's memory files and putting them in order and the reason they are so random is because it mixes new memories with the old.
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Man... those dreams. Annoying!!!

But also - an opportunity, on waking, for gratitude!

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