Watching the Process of Getting Drunk

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Originally Posted by Purpleman View Post
Sorry to be a bit of a wet blanket here, but I find these kinds of posts judgemental & disrespectful. Our decision to be alcohol free doesn't make us better than others. We don't suddenly become cool kids, or part of any special club. It wasn't all that long ago that we were those people that we're now so quick to jump up on our highhorses & judge.
The only side of the street we need to keep clean is our own.
I read it as more of a commentary on the tedium of boozing. With a healthy dose of self reflection on past personal behavior.

Odd how we 'see' the same thing and yet it 'looks' different.

You saw and it looked like 'Judge not lest you be judged', but to me it looked like 'Love the sinner , hate the sin'

btw , I consider myself way way cooler as a teetotaler, and to further cliches , I'd not be part of any club that would have me as a member
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I respect this post. It is a true reflection of the lives we have all probably lived.
I was the drink until Iím staggering, got hateful or loud and obnoxious.
My husband was the quiet, go home without incident, didnít change his behavior.
Amazing how it affects us all different.
Yet we all struggle to put it down.

Thank you for your wise reflection and reminder of how we used to be.
Kudos that you are strong enough to stand aside and watch without being tempted.
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Originally Posted by Calicofish View Post
I don't believe my post was "one upping" anyone. It was an observation of how people act when they are drunk. I used to act that way. I think it is important for me to remember that so I don't start romanticizing about my old drinking days.
I appreciate your sharing Calicofish and the others that posted. I've experienced similar situations and I do take these as a real live reminder of what I don't want to be like in my own life. It isn't a bad thing really. It's all part of learning and self discovery.
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I didn't read it as judgemental either. I don't judge my friends who still drink, it's more like I see my past self in them and my heart hurts a little when I see them acting like I used to act. And it's a stark reminder of why I don't want to go back to drinking, ever. I am in no position to judge. But that doesn't mean I make a habit of hanging around with my friends if they are hitting the sauce hard. It makes me uncomfortable on many levels. And yes, it gets boring. I also think it might make some of THEM uncomfortable to drink around a completely sober person, so it's better for me to just fade away when people start to be inebriated. Just better for everyone.
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Great post ..I certainly don't find it a judging better than thou post
You've highlighted your night out sober
An encountered what you saw as your friends got drunker ...It's called real life . .
I'd rather be sober any day of the week
And be proud of it
Cara xx
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I'm not judging people who drink. I go out with friends that drink all the time, and make sure that they understand that it's completely OK by me if they have a cocktail or three.

What the OP was talking about was being around people who were near or at blackout drunk. Sorry, they annoy me. Just like people with a grandiose sense of entitlement or people who are rude to servers annoy me.
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I totally agree with the original post. Being around drunk people when sober is a major PITA! I find that people's behaviour changes around 3 (UK) pints in. This is when the initial stages of inebriation are becoming clear - conversation repeating, constant requests for alcohol to be drunk by all, loud voice, animated behaviour, etc. It doesn't affect everyone the same way but I have seen that many times. I bail out at this stage.

I too have noticed the 'quiet guys'. My wife is one of these 'quiet' types. She can drink 2 bottles of wine and then crash out.. she just gets quietly drunk. She doesn't get loud, irresponsible, aggressive, nasty, etc. I don't mind this so much.

Either way though, deep down, being around drunks should really be avoided but I appreciated that these social situations can't be avoided at all times.
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