Trying not to look back

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Trying not to look back

As I work on continued sobriety, some times I become so overwhelmed with all the damage I caused myself and others in the past. An old ex-co worker at my beloved old job that I lost because of my drinking, sent me an email asking me to a join her in a get together. She meant well and I own the fact that I lost the job, but it just hurt so much realizing how much I miss them all, even though it's been 5 years. Wrote in my journal and came here to let it out. Luckily, I have a job that is not so bad and I will not drink over this.
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Learning to live again
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Awake - this was a huge problem for me in the early months of getting sober. I drank at work & made a fool of myself at the end of my drinking career.

I guess the regret & remorse is useful if we don't dwell on it too long. It's a way to remember we can never allow ourselves to go back to that miserable life. I'm glad you wanted to talk about it. Maybe the get together would be helpful?
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Like Jay-Z says, gotta learn to live with regrets.

Good for you for not drinking.

I struggle too with feeling sadness about what I did/didn't do when I was valuing alcohol more than everything else in my life. But the thing is we are here now and get the chance to live well. Some things I lost, some things I hurt and damaged, some chickens are still out in the fields, waiting to come home to roost. But we got ourselves sober. That's a win like none other.

Thank you for sharing the tough thoughts. Congrats on sobriety. Happy to be here with you.
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I ended up drinking repeatedly because of the shame of things I had done......or more really who I had become. Going to counselling was a game changer for me because I found strength in my experiences and started to put some of that stuff behind me. It the main reason I feel able to move on now. Have you tried speaking to anyone? It might help xx
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