Went back to drinking, need help

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I agree - deactivate fb for now - at least it gives you two weeks peace of mind knowing your posts are hidden. You can always go back and delete them when you feel stronger. The amount of times I used to wake up panicking and mass delete still make me cringe even now.
You can't change what's happened, it's in the past now, let it go. Stay in regular contact with your Mother and reassure her as much as you can.
This will all seem like a bad dream in time - look after yourself
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Hi Whopper,
I didn't join FB until 2010, three years after I quit drinking, Doesn't matter that I wasn't on social media when I was drinking, I still managed to do a whole bunch of horrible, embarrassing, and shameful stuff live and in person...for years. I still cringe even many years later. Everyone is right though, people forget about that when you stop doing it. It takes a little time, but they do forget. I'm sorry your mom was hurt by it. I've found the best way to make amends to those we love is to life differently. Commit to never drinking again and in time everyone will heal. <3
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I dont think FB is a good place to be when you are in recovery (or drinking! or for that matter when youre stone cold sober and a non drinker!). It plays into all the insecurities and can be a huge trigger.
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Feeling a little more relieved now. Ruined my whole weekend and caused drama for nothing. Just want to put this episode behind me and never have it happen again.
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Originally Posted by whopper View Post
Just want to put this episode behind me and never have it happen again.
There's a 100% effective way to ensure it never happens again -and you can actually choose it :-). Perhaps you could join the class of august thread to get yourself used to some daily accountability/interaction with others?
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Originally Posted by Fearlessat50 View Post
Whopper! I love your avatar. Though I canít eat that way anymore at my age .
We have all been there, embarrassed and ashamed. For me it took multiple relapses and several close calls before I finally sobered up which I intend to be permanent this time. Like another said here, people will forget in time. Everything passes including those bad feelings you are having now. Please consider permanently deactivating your FB account. I donít know what was worse - my social media addiction or the alcohol. I suppose they fueled each other, along with loneliness and isolation. Fakebook is not real. People are often just projecting an image they want the world to see. No offense to anyone on this forum who use FB. I just couldnít take it. So I deleted my account. I have a smaller circle of friends now and that is ok with me because itís more real. It is normal to go through lonely periods in life. Please keep coming here. We can help support you. This is a good community. Perhaps you could consider going to AA or another face to face group also? In the meantime, just donít drink and plan to make that a lift time change. I promise youíll be better off!
Hi .... i might think fb is ok if used wisely and not oversharing. I love animals and so great posts and also inspirational people. I think maybe i am ok as aware its a tool and aware of self portraits . I also saw folks rants ir passive aggresive posts but i avoid them ... there are more positivity and good to keep in touch with people based on interests or hobbies. I m always inspired by positivity ... beautiful posts of nature ... songs . It works out for me but can cause so many problems if misused. Big hugs to all here . Weather is horrid today and i ve been reading SR and i m glad ... again found so good information on recovery x D
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