New and nervous

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New and nervous

So...I'm new to this group/forum...and I'm nervous about being here. My son is the one with the addiction, yet I'm hesitant to share...even with people that will never actually meet me. Why you ask? Well, my son is addicted and abuses marijuana....which most people do not see as "using drugs". People tend to wave me and husband off when we try to make them understand how serious it really is. I think I will scream if I hear one more person say, "it's just a plant. It's not REALLY drugs." My son is 21. He has underlying mental health issues. He has no job....and won't keep one for more than a couple months. He can't get a decent job...because he can't pass a drug test. My husband and I feel helpless. He lives with us because we are frightened that if we tell him he can't live here, he might hurt himself....and I just can't see how we could live with ourselves if that happened. Please tell me that someone...ANYONE else understands.
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If understanding is what you want afillip then you are definitely on the right website. So hard when that is happening to your own child.

Do have a good look around the site, especially at the friends and family section where focus is on you as the non-addict.
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Hi afillip - very glad to have you here

I was addicted to pot so I very much understand.
I know the attitude you speak of too - I hope you won't find it here.

Someones already mentioned the Family and Friends forums.

We also have a marijuana forum:

I promise you'll find support and understanding in whatever forums you post in

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I'm so sorry that things are so difficult for your family. I know attitudes to marijuana vary but I understand the dangers of excessive use, with an underlying mental health issue, from my own experience. You will find lots of support here but face to face support too, is invaluable. Even for you and your husband, if your son wont talk to someone. Have you tried counselling?
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