Cleaning...found forgotten pint

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Cleaning...found forgotten pint

Well, hubby did. I was cleaning the bedroom and we have this huge fake plant above our bed. I asked hubby to get it down and clean it outside. As he was walking with it, a vodka pint in a brown bag falls out of it!

The look on his face ( he knew it was old) as he took it downstairs. He said he was going to pour it out.

That was nothing.
What shocked me was the feelings I got (sudden anxiety, excitement, despair) . I've been alcohol free for a short time but boy those feelings and thoughts. That AV-" Why didn't I take it down that way I would of had some booze. How could you forget you put it there? How did you miss finding it when you were desperately looking there months ago? He's so smug he found it. Maybe he didn't pour it out. Oh the poor booze down the drain. ".

But in hindsight, I'm glad I didn't find it. I've already brought myself to a place where I am a person who no longer drinks. My life does not need to include alcohol anymore.

Thanks for letting me share with those of you who could relate. I needed to get that off my chest. Whew...
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Hi Breezy

I think your reaction is a fairly normal one. Intellectually I was sober fairly quickly but It took me longer not to have that visceral reaction to a sudden alcoholic windfall.

You're doing great

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"Sudden alcoholic windfall," lol. I would have felt the same.
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Thankfully during my worst times I never hid bottles (except empties in the trash) but I know what you mean, if my preferred beverage was in the house I could never really ignore its calling to me (my AV was all-knowing) so it was just best for me not to have temptation around. Funny, I can keep beer indefinitely out in the shop fridge because I've completely lost my desire for any. Not so with the vodka.

Stay strong and on course! You know we all understand and relate.
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My gf drinks, because she’s a normie, and she is also a craft beer enthusiast. She has a special fridge in the breezeway for her beer. Only recently did I start putting my seltzer in there, because I’m not in any danger of taking anything else from there.

Anyway though I’m gluten intolerant and had found out a couple of years before I finally stopped drinking. She’d bought me these special GF beers right when I quit drinking. They sat in her fridge for over a year. Recently she was clearing the fridge out and threw them away because they are very old now. (She was clearing a spot for my seltzer to go).

No pangs. I thought it was funny that they were still there. She’s such a normal drinker.
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It's happened to me too Breezy.
It's a great feeling when it's gone down the drain though.

Thank you for sharing.
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