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Originally Posted by SLB68 View Post
You were sober for 20 years. If you decided to drink a few days in the 21'st year, you're still looking at a 99.999% adherence to sobriety. I don't think Airlines have this success rate. I would say don't look at the slip.
not looking at the slip is an invitation to not look at what happened with 20 years of sobriety that ended up in drinking again.

the numbers game of these percentages is appealing to the desireto drink again, as it suggests it really doesn't matter and is perfectly acceptable. more than good enough. where might you/ one stop with the percentages?two "slips" are 98%... no problem. how about 94% success? you can see where this is going....
so much depends on the mindset. i want lifelong continuous sobriety. if my idea was that anything other than that was okay, my chances of success would be much less. in fact, i think if i considered that a few drinks in twenty years were nothing to look at, i would have had them by now.
but that's me.
OP said he wants to be sober again. ivthink the chances of that and staying that way, if that is what he desires, are better when looking squarely at what derailed last time without getting stuck there.
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