Day 12 and 13 Wicked Ride

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Day 12 and 13 Wicked Ride

Well I am at day 13. I find myself having good moments and bad. I get really tired and just don't feel good sometimes. I seem to wear out easily. I have noticed having some palpitations and my heart seems sensitive to stimuli, like caffeine. I am just trying to keep going, but this is trying. Tempted to take that drink and the suffering, but I know better. I went to a concert last night and did not drink. Just noticing the stupidity of the people drinking, just was sad. I am so glad I am free, and can't wait to get past these symptoms.

Any advice or if you are going through the same thing would help me settle my mind.
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Day 13 is a pretty raw time, I remember it well. To get to day 1627 I had to get past 13, though.

I also had racing heartrate. I went down to one cup of half-caf per day in that first year. It helped. Exercise also helped. Good nutrition. I made it my mission to hit good nutrition every day. Bonus was that I became a pretty good cook and it takes quite a bit of time to shop, prep, cook, that filled up the hours.

I took it a moment, hour, day at a time. I listened to classical music - good stuff.
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I think you're finding that recovery, especially early recovery, is a bumpy road. But, it sounds like you're doing well. I hope you feel better physically before long. If you are concerned, you might like to talk to your dr.
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Heart palpitations were common while I drank.

I once had them sober, and got it checked out. It was worth it to me.
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