Summer Rhyme

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Summer Rhyme

Growing up, sober people were weirdos
The do-gooders I tried to ignore,
Happiness required alcohol and lots of it
Not happy? Go on, drink some more.

Blackouts started to become scary
So did disgust, regret and shame
But still the drinking continued,
If I wanted to be happy, I had to stay in the game.

Then alcohol killed my father
And everyone cried and got drunk at his wake
Grief gave me an open ticket to oblivion,
Surely happiness was mine to take?

But happiness had left the building
Didn't care that I was curled up on the floor.
My rock bottom was an internal shift,
I couldn't bear being me anymore.

So the drinking stopped and it stayed stopped
And I was determined not to cave
Suddenly I had strength and belief in myself,
Dad's help from beyond the grave?

652 sober days later
And I've saved for a family holiday in the sun
Water parks, laughter and positivity,
Never knew life could be such fun.

My husband and kids are splashing in the pool
Whilst I sunbathe and make up this rhyme,
I realise now that happiness was always within me,
I didn't know it but it was here all the time.

Love and support to everyone reading this. I look forward to not drinking with you today xxx
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That is perfect! Very clever - and accurate, too.
Have a fabulous time, Kenton. I look forward to not drinking with you, too.
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Very creative and a great read! Thanks for sharing!
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That is so lovely Kenton! Especially the last two lines I need to find it again!
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Congrats on your achievement Kenton - enjoy your break!

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