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Originally Posted by Awal View Post
I realise that...and after looking through some of the posts on there im realising that most alcoholics end up alone. What a way to spend the one precious life we are given. I'm so glad I'm on this side of the fence as to be reliant on drink to get through must be a living hell. ��
The alcoholics here, in this forum, have worked hard and are working hard to stay sober and enjoy happy, healthy and productive lives. This is what recovery is about. We find joy and pleasure every day and we are grateful for our lives. I hope that you get to a place where you can feel joy once again.
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I hope everyone on here finds long term happiness and peace of mind.
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Thank you Awal - I also for wish you the same happiness and peace of mind. x
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Originally Posted by lessgravity View Post
The reason I'm directing my responses to you is that you are the one suffering, being wronged and being lied to. If your husband's response to being caught lying and betraying your trust was to for himself a drink every night for the last week, can the idea that he's not still lying to you is absurd. I also just can't condone some sort of Battle Royale between spouses. What next, rat poison in the gin?

Again, I say this sympathy for your situation. I've been there, as the husband lying and hiding. I'll never completely forgve myself the pain that I needlessly caused those I love. Hopefully you're able to find some peace and calm.
Rat poison? 🤔 don't put ideas in to my head 🤣 salt is bad enough. the anger has died down lm not going to do anything like that. He is just a weak and troubled person who can't face life without a post to lean on. I should count my blessings lm not like that.
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