Thoughts on Day 2

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Thoughts on Day 2

I'm scared I'll never get to the other side and achieve long term sobriety. I've accomplished so much in my life - great family, great career - but this is the one thing that I haven't conquered. The monkey on my back that never seems to fully let go. Ugh!

The blackouts lately have gotten really scary. That's just one of many reasons why I need to get over this. I used to be an everyday drinker, but now it's usually once or twice a week, but over the last two weeks, I've blacked out twice and it was the most unnerving feeling the next day. Terrifying, actually.

Anyway, I'm rambling away with just some random thoughts on day 2. Thanks for allowing me to put this out there.
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Welcome Power. Glad to see you here on SR. Itís great that you realized that you need to make a change and cut alcohol out of your life. Sounds like your day 2 is off on the right foot! Stay close to SR and congratulations to you!
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Yes, hello and congratulations on day two. And thanks for putting it out there, you helped this alcoholic stay sober tonight.
And, yes, the blackouts are terrifying.
I've driven. Woke up in bed with strange woman. Came too once on someone's front lawn. I could go on, but you get the gist. I'm just lucky I didn't come too in jail.

Blackouts are a bad sign. Not good at all if you're drinking to that point.
I did it for ten years. Not regularly blacking out, but often enough.
It got so I would just drink at home alone for fear of what I might do.
I might have killed someone. Or myself. I'm very, very fortunate

You've found a great place for support. I've been there. I understand.
Best to you.
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I felt that way too ThePowerOfShe.

I'd done so much but couldn't master drinking normally. So I gave up - and found a great new life

I hope you're at that point too

welcome to SR

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I feel exactly like you. Love and strength xx
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