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I have a friend who was a monster drinker for years, huge quantities. I always thought he had an alcohol problem.

Anyway 9 years ago he landed in hospital with acute pancreatitis. It was touch and go but he recovered. He was told if he ever drank again it could kill him. I was amazed that he just stopped no AA nothing, he continues to go to his local and mix with friends today but is tea total. I asked him how he did it and all he said it can be a bit boring at times but he never considers drinking now.
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This is true Gerard, once you've gone without a drink for a long time (varies with the person, for me about 2 years) it never pops into your head as the default option when hungry, stressed, etc.
For me it was relaxing after work, and I don't even think about drinking now.
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Two thoughts:

1) Needs must where the devil drives

2) I used to smoke 40 cigarettes per day. Every day without fail. I gave up on 8th April 2002 because (my since passed away) son asked me to. I have never smoked again and outside of the first few weeks have never even thought about it again. It's been over 16 years now and over 15 since the idea of a cigarette has even crossed my mind.

I guess when you have to be ready - or really want to be ready - you're ready.

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