Base Camp

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Base Camp

I see the early period of recovery as reaching base camp on the ascent of a mountain. In the last year I have spent 7 months off and on at base camp.

It is not a bad place to be not the most exciting place but a ton better than getting drunk everyday. It is a platform where we plan and start our route to sobriety.
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Hey Gerard. That's a good way to describe it. I've been stuck at base camp too for a year. It's time to start climbing!
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Most of us need Sherpas.
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I don't see where I am at in early sobriety as a basecamp. I see it instead as having gotten off a miserable, cramped, old beaten-down bus that had just been driving in circles for years, and now stepping into a wide open meadow, paths in so many directions, each day, with life's difficulties or not - available for the taking.

It's finally my life.
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Great analogy! Focusing on the basics, relaxing in relative comfort, not taxing ourselves too much.
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Originally Posted by decchemist View Post
Most of us need Sherpas.
I think pretty much everyone needs some kind of sherpa. There is no way in hell I could have recovered from my alcohol/drug addictions without a lot of help.

I didn't really spend that much time in base camp, as I never really tried to stop until I actually did quit, and I used every method under the sun. I think I got past the Khumbu Ice Fall in my first 120 days, now I'm at Camp 3. Summit not too far off!

The route - climbers guide to Everest
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For me, Recovery is a lifetimes journey not a final destination, Sobriety is one of the towns you pass along the way! xx
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