Remember the **** and be cautious

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Remember the **** and be cautious

Hi everybody, on day 20 and feeling good, need to be careful though because it a bank holiday August weekend here and when Iím feeling well and Iíve everything put right again itís easy for me to forget all the crap I put everyone including myself through not so long ago, pain has a short memory so Iím going getting myself to an aa meeting now, 👍👍
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Good choice! And remember to post here if you think you might need support. Do not drink today.
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Smart move PS4!! I have a little black book that I keep on lockdown where I wrote down a lot of the things and situations that happened when I drank. It's for my eyes only and is very brutally honest. I wrote what I did, how I felt, what the impact on others around me and my life was. I also have some pictures in it of things I broke and ruined in my house when drunk. It's good to get it all out of my head on paper, and my recovery is reliant on honesty with myself. Whenever I feel the urge I will get out my little black book and read it cover to cover to remind me where this rabbit hole goes.
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I was exceedingly cautious and deliberate about my choices in early sobriety- and by hat I mean well past what many would consider early. Now, I know I can be anywhere and do anything without even considering a drink- but I still make deliberate choices that only serve to support my lifestyle in recovery.

Saint no to something was always the right choice, even if I later realized it would have been just fine. There is absolutely noting in this world I have to do, period.
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