Anyone have really weird dreams when they quit?

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Anyone have really weird dreams when they quit?

I stopped but only very recently and one day I had an insane dream where I thought I was awake but slowly realized I was dreaming because of the stuff I saw. At the end of the dream I was yelling in my head to wake up, when I woke up I was on very on edge.

Anyone had something like this? I can imagine its due to prior sleep deprivation.

For me, my drinking was 8pm-4am daily, sleeping only til 9am.
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Yes!!! Very strange interesting dreams sometimes really sad . Itís kinda weird but I am enjoying having dreams which I never had after passing out and not sleeping deeply enough .
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I have dreadful nightmares every time I relapse and quit again (I’ve been struggling for a while now).

Just awful, vivid, violent dreams.

I can’t wait for this to stop.
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Just woke up from a dream full of me drinking, but also woke up in a terrible mood feeling really resentful. About what - I donít know! Must be my subconciious sorting stuff out.

Thankfully doesnít affect my waking reality
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Yes, really bad dreams.
Have dreamt about my parents dying (they both died when I was in my 20's), dreamt about my old house and last night, dreamt that someone stole my dog …. really really strange. Can't wait for it to stop. xx
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Yep, I had very vivid nightmares after I had quit, if I managed to sleep at all. They disappeared after a couple of weeks.
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Me too! By the last months of my drinking (second half of 2015) I was having terrible nightmares nearly every night. When I quit drinking, they eventually turned into vivid dreams and gradually into what I'd call normal dreams. A few notable "drinking dreams" among e mix.

Keeping sober and time smoothed everything out for me- I find that now, at 29 mo and change sober, dreams are usually vivid or memorable when there is something significant on my mind. They are often weird and funny because they tend to combine people and things that have nothing in common in real life!

Keep goin.
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I sure did. They slowly got less scary over the course of a week.
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