Deserve a drink...

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Deserve a drink...

Alot of times early in this process (or even later in it), we sometimes feel we have done well so far and maybe we deserve a drink.

If you feel you deserve a drink just remember this.

If you drink, you will get what you deserve.

I said this to my therapist and he thought it was pretty insightful so I figured I would share it with you guys.

Have a great day everyone.
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Spot on Ramius - when I think about where a drink took me, it's no reward.

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Yes it takes work and time to lose that attachment to drink as a reward but it does go and Iím so grateful for that. I totally agree with what you say; drink for me can only ever end in tears. Some reward! Ha-ha.
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Addicts are the only ones who think the thing ruining their lives is a 'reward' for doing something about it.

No one ever says, I did a great job cleaning my house. I deserve to throw some dirt around in here!

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The longer I walk the sober road the more I think that what I truly deserve is more sobriety.

Sobriety is generous and has much to give.

The poison is a vicious, selfish hole that only knows how to take.
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Drinking would be a punishment to me, as I am quite happy being sober.
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"If you drink, you will get what you deserve."

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