False Beliefs

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False Beliefs

From 1990 until 2003 I smoked marijuana everyday. I worked in a professional job and my use was light but regular. I truly believed if I did not have a smoke I couldn't relax couldn't go to sleep. On the occasions I ran out I would go to any lengths to source a new supply.

In 2003 I went to Australia on holiday. As usual on holiday situations I would carefully wrap double wrap a sufficient amount to get me through the holiday. Arriving for 2 weeks family holiday and finding a dealer out the airport would be somewhat of a challenge.

We arrived at Sydney airport and were in the baggage collection area. I look around and to my horror saw a sniffer dog patrolling. I then saw a bin, and I can't be sure but I think it had a sign last chance to dump anything you should not have. So I did.

We exited the airport and all that is going in my mind is how crap it is going to be without my dope. We collected our camper van and took off. I was pretty tense and anxious wondering how I was going to relax. By the time we set up for the night I went out like a light. Over the next few days I adjusted to not smoking. I came to understand my false belief that I needed weed and became happy to be free.

When I returned home I decide I would stop smoking through the week ,as it did make me a bit groggy in the mornings, and it became a week end only activity. In 2007 I moved to middle east where it was not available and I stopped it without a thought.

However, looking back I now see this was my transition from being a beer drinker only to start drinking spirits. Drinking vodka alone is my number one problem.
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I smoked daily for more or less 30 years - just like I believed I couldn't live without pot, I later came to believe I couldn't live without alcohol either.

I was wrong twice over

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That's very much where I've been for months, if not years now- seeing the negative effects of alcohol far outweigh the 'benefits' but just too scared to stop.

When I finally decided last week to try to stop it was terrifying.

4 days in now and it is uncomfortable, I definitely miss the "blanket" put staying positive!
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