day 2 and i've given up

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Lightbulb day 2 and i've given up

hey guys,

haven't been around for a while. managed 97 days this winter and decided to get drunk because **** it, i'm not an alcoholic..

since February i haven't been sober more than a week. got steadily back into smoking pot which always has been my DOC with alcohol a close second.

since about 2014 i've gone through the cycle. a couple months sober then go out for more..

on wednesday i said enough is enough. the last 2 months i was stoned most of the days. last week i drank 4 days out of 7. i just can't moderate. i know if i keep going this way i will waste my life. that first drink will lead to more. that first puff will lead to much more, even if its not the next day.

thanks for reading guys. i'm not going to a bar for a while now. i won't let substances ruin me. i think i've finally learned my lesson.

i will stay sober today.
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Substances sure almost ruined me. Wait, who am I fooling? They did ruin me for twenty five years.
I was never one to moderate, either. one hit, one line or one drink and I was off for an indeterminable mount of time.
Alcohol was my drug of choice, although I would not turn down anything else that came along.
It's a hard lessen to learn and I learned the hard way. I'm a drunk. Just a sober one.
I got saved from complete ruin by these kind folks and AA.
It's been nine and a half years now sober of a once seemingly hopeless case that I was.
You can do it, too. Best to you.
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Welcome back readyt0change

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