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Hey, has anyone been to a YPAA conference? How did it go? I'm going to my first one soon and I gotta admit I'm really scared. I was a person who COULD NOT socialize without drinking. Anytime I was around other people I was drinking/drunk.

Now I've gotten better at one-on-one settings, but I'm really scared of these whole YPAA thing. A) because it's huge numbers of outgoing people and I'm not sure how to act around all that B) I'm an introvert, I need my "alone time" and that's essentially impossible to get when you're at a conference sharing a hotel room with 4 other people.

So....any advice for the introvert/ newly sober going to YPAAs?
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although not YPAA, i have been to a conference and what a time!! seeing the fun the young people were having was great!
something on this:
because it's huge numbers of outgoing people and I'm not sure how to act around all that
there will probably be quite a few there that really arent that outgoing.

if ya know where the conference is, look into the location. im sure there will be a place or 2 to get that alone time.

my best advise it take it all in. just BE and allow yourself to FEEL.

im an introvert,too, and the 2 conferences ive been to did drain me, but both were great experiences.

another thing: i couldnt socialize without alcohol,too. insecurities and low self esteem were the underlying issues. took care of that with the steps and im much better at socializing.
still gotta get away from large crowds when im around them,though- they drain me.
but im not anxious(fear) when im in large crowds.
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I've never been to one (yet) but I have been away for weekends and shared rooms with other AAs. My goodness, it was so much easier than when I've been away with other pals. Your AA friends will understand the importance of you doing what you need to do, and are very unlikely to be awkward about you popping off for some alone time.

My first YPAA conference is in October as I've been invited to do a share. I'm a little nervous as well, but know I'll be among my clan. Safe as houses.

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great job on demonstrating willingness to be of service in AA - the choices/ actions of a winner!

been to a few Young People in AA events years ago and i too had selfish self- centered fear but everything was OK

no advice only experience

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I would think that there will be many introverted young people at the conference, as well. I hope you have a good time.
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