New to SR, looking to get sober forever

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Congrats on 33 days, Rover! It sounds like things are going really well for you!
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Learning to live again
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Very proud of you, Rover! 33 days is fabulous.
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Congrats Rover

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Great job Rover! Just curious since you mentioned AA, have you been going to meetings?
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Hi August, when I started Day 1, I had every intention of making it to the local AA Meetings. Then life happened first week, second week, and then onto the vacation. However, first thing every morning and before to bed, I read the bible versus in support of recovery, which has been my daily support. I reached out to the Pastor at my church before I went on vacation, meeting with him, who I have admired and respected for the past 5+ years have changed so much in my support of the recovery efforts. It turned out that as amazing of a preacher and kind person he is, he happens to be a recovered himself for over 20 years. Now I meet with him once a week, I have his cell phone number and he is my Sponsor. Who would have thought? So far, I have only shared my story with my extended family members and a handful of very close friends. One of them happens to be a non-drinker as long as I have known him. Never knew what his reason for not drinking was until I shared my story, and guess what? He went through the exact same situation 8 years ago, sober ever since.

So far, I have surrounded myself with 2 people that have been close to me for many years, yet not knowing what they went through until now. I am learning that sometimes in life, you really don't know things in other persons' lives until you open up about yours. This has been my blessings and support daily in my process and long-term plan as of today. Of course, anything can happen tomorrow, but I am taking this one day at a time and getting support I need.

Yeah, on to Day 36 today, my biggest struggle to date has been my sleep. I can't fall asleep until some wee hours in the night, but I have to be up early, so I am tired all day. The other struggle has been my eating too much and eating a pint of ice cream every night, which I am sure not good for me in a long run. Hey, better high on ice cream and being drunk every night.

Thank you so much for all of you, who are always there for me.
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