Alcoholic Blackouts

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Originally Posted by bunchie View Post
Thank you , Buckley 3,
I hope the judge has some compassion for you , I too am so relieved I caused no harm to anyone, but I have the feeling of dread still with me from that day, and I hope I always do, it's helping me stay sober.
Thank you. I'll be ok. My situation could be a ton worse.

Great to hear you are using the situation to a positive end. That motivation fueled by the recent blackout can be a great aid in getting through the initial stages.

Keep at it. Seriously, sobriety is pretty awesome. I mean, just knowing we don't have to live with that feeling is pretty wonderful.

Glad you are here.

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Binge drinking

Originally Posted by Highercall View Post
Hi bunchie

Blackouts are very scary. Definitely do not go back to the bar to ask about that night that is pointless. Instead of beating yourself up just think about how totally irresponsible the bar staff were to serve you so much alcohol that you blacked out. Serving someone intoxicated is illegal and they failed in their duty of care to you.

I understand being a binge drinker and not drinking everyday blurring the boundaries of whether someone is an alcoholic or not.

All I do know is binge drinking is the most dangerous form of alcohol abuse and I hope you and I avoid this in the future.

Don't dwell on what might have happened concentrate on the her and now. Take care.
Higher all,
I am a binge drinking alcoholic , I agree binge drinking is worse than the daily communicant who for some reason drinks daily but in my experience they do not have the urge to drown themselves in alcohol like myself, and on top of that the binge drinking alcoholic goes through withdrawals every 3 or 4 days between binges, I have been cursed with the ability to drink large quantities of beer from the day I started and still today, it's a curse I am not a large man 5'11" 195 lbs, but always the last to leave every party , and I have always made it to work although my performance was terrible on Monday mornings, I have a dangerous job also , so it's time for me , my first complete blackout to me is a gift that will help me stay sober . Thank God
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Hi bunchie,

On the below, it was the same for me until you get some time sober and re-discover other things to fill the drinking/hungover time. Good luck, mate..

Originally Posted by bunchie View Post
the weekends are the killer for me
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