Others rock bottom

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NO ONE is doomed to be an alcoholic or addict for life. recovery is possible for anyone......who is willing.

i am sorry for the drunk driving accident that took your aunt's life. i would give great pause to the memory of your aunt, of her life, and of your own. drinking and drugging is a dead offers nothing.
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I'm really sorry to hear about your aunt Nichole x.
Please use this as an incentive not to drink, instead of a reason to drink. Drinking will just make everything worse in the long run.
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Nichole, I'm very sorry about your aunt. That is just terrible. But to answer your question about other peoples' rock bottoms, they really didn't have any impact on my desire to quit, because I was a master of thinking that my life was still manageable when it most definitely was not. I really hope that you find your motivation to quit.
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