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Lightbulb In The Spirit of Unity

15 years ago now right back at the beginning of SR Peter, one of the mods here then, wrote this for the Alcoholism forum in 2003.

Welcome to the Alcoholism forum.

In here we share our experiences strengths and hopes as it relates to the issue of Alcoholism.

Please feel free to participate and tell us about your own particular method of dealing with alcohol,bearing in mind to always be respectful of other members and to whatever method they might employ for staying sober.

There are many roads to recovery and we don't all choose the same one.Remember it is not our place to try and decide what is best for another.

The written word is a powerful instrument.It has the power to heal as well as to cause injury.Please share responsibly.

By helping to maintain an atmosphere of encouragement and support we can all hear a message of hope and walk away with something useful.

In a spirit of unity all of us are winners.
Different forum - same ideals.

We are all winners - and we are all on the same team.

Please - do remember our Newcomers forum guideline.

Please Read! The Newcomers Forum is a safe and welcoming place for newcomers. Respect is essential. Debates over Recovery Methods are not allowed on the Newcomer's Forum. Posts that violate this rule will be removed without notice. (Support and experience only please.)
The start of a new month is always a busy time.

We'll see a lot of new faces here, a lot of people hurt and looking for help and support.

I'm sure we all want them to find a helpful supportive and welcoming environment.

If someone else is sharing their experience, rather than denigrating their experience, consider simply adding yours.

Let the reader decide which path they'd like to follow.

If you see a post you think breaks the rules, report it using the red and white triangle on the post.

If someone in particular bothers you consider putting them on ignore.

Ignore bothersome members. If there is someone on the forum that bothers you, select the Ignore option on the drop down menu under their name on the post. You won't see any posts from this member again.
If you want to discuss any mod decisions or policies please PM Anna myself or any of the other forum staff here.

Discussion is what we're here for - but calling people out in threads is not and has never been the appropriate way to solve disputes here.

thanks everyone

Dee for
The Forums Team
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