Why do recovering alcoholics drink lot's of coffee?

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Why do recovering alcoholics drink lot's of coffee?

I am 50 days sober, recently i found my tolerance for coffee is high, 6-8 cups daily.

My Blood pressure, heart rate is good.

I find it helps a little bit with enhancing my mood.

I am still feeling depressed after 50 days sober?

What are your thoughts about coffee?

I am wondering if my depression will ever lift?
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If your depression was caused by the alcohol, which is a depressant, things may improve. If you were depressed before you began drinking, then it might be something you'd talk to your doctor about. I hope you feel better.

I'm not a big coffee drinker, usually just one cup a day.
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I don't drink coffee at all, never have?

Like I've said on your other threads..I understand you're anxious but you might need to give yourself more than 50 days for your body and mind to heal - I found they run on their own timetable for healing.

While I think coffee is low risk compared to other things, the idea of ingesting something to change or enhance your mood is something to reflect on I think?

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Many benefits to coffee use being shown by recent research. Improved liver function being one of them. Might be worth seeing a mental health professional regarding the depression if it persists.
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I was just going to mention the liver and coffee benefits that I have been reading! Too much of anything is usually a problem, so I would ask your doctor if your consumption levels are healthy for you.
If your depression is not caused chemically, I am an advocate of resolving it without chemicals. You need to start adding activities that give you that lift. In the long run, those are the things that will help you sustain sobriety and lead a happier life.
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I just really, really love coffee.

I am glad for it every day. I joke it is my boyfriend. I like being sober because now it seems I can drink it even later and still sleep well knock wood!

I think a lot of things depend on your own make-up. Some are so dedicated to avoiding chemical alteration I think they may stick with lemon water.

But for me, lemon water has the issue of being..not coffee. But seriously as others have suggested if you are finding you are using it in a way that feels unhealthy to you or to mask genuine mood then maybe something to consider. But otherwise I think it’s really good stuff. If you couldn’t tell. I am excited to get up tomorrow so I can have some more!
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I can't handle regular coffee because of the caffeine setting off my anxiety, but coffee has been a staple of AA meetings since, forever, and I think for good reason.
My guess is because it's a strong drink that you sip, in the way many would alcohol. Regardless of your drink of choice, as long as it doesn't have alcohol in it, you are good to go!
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I've never drank coffee.can't stand to smell the stuff.
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Originally Posted by Forward12 View Post
I can't handle regular coffee because of the caffeine setting off my anxiety, but coffee has been a staple of AA meetings since, forever, and I think for good reason.
My guess is because it's a strong drink that you sip, in the way many would alcohol. Regardless of your drink of choice, as long as it doesn't have alcohol in it, you are good to go!
In my part of the world, tea was served after every meeting when I came in. Now coffee is the thing, but it is instant and the standard alky brew is milk and two sugars. We like to have it before the meeting, though I never do. I rarely drink coffee these days and don't trust my bladder to last the meeting anyway And I don't like disrupting the meeting by having to get up for a visit to the loo.
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I don't drink much coffee as the stimulant effect sets off my anxiety. I have been actively avoiding coffee so far in my recovery because anxiety was a trigger for me to drink so avoiding something that makes me anxious which I could avoid was sensible.

However I did have a coffee for the first time two days ago. I handled it ok but it did still increase my anxiety albeit I managed ok. It's a shame as I love coffee but I just don't really like the strong stimulant effect. It makes me jittery too. So in recovery I drink lots of tea which doesn't stimulate me so much.
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Is decaff too much of a step if you want more than one or two.?I'm a coffee lover too -a good coffee is real pleasure.
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Coffee is awesome. Black coffee is one of of the 7 things I'm interested in! If you're asking us if your increased coffee use is possibly related to your depression, we're not in a position to know about that.
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Even when I was drinking I'd have a morning cup of coffee, but now I have a morning cup and another cup at noon. Not sure why, but I savor those two cups of coffee each and every day.
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I have always loved coffee. I drink from large soup mugs. One cup of coffee is equal to four lol.

I don't think I necessarily drink more, except I reach out coffee or tea in the evenings where as previously it was a glass of wine.
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I was in rehab with a guy who drank coffee all day long. All night long. And really, lots of folks did, but he was the worst. He couldn't sleep (wonder why?) and he would get up and drink a cup at 2am. He isn't the norm but I know what you're saying. Caffeine is a mind altering substance so makes sense really. I have just never understood it because my anxiety is insane even when I'm sober so a complete impossibility for me.

That being said I do drink a big cup before workout. If I don't workout I'm an anxious mess....but it definitely helps fuel the workout. Then sometimes I have a cup after workout. If I want something more its decaf. I love the flavor but not the buzz.
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Not sure I have any answers.

I drink far to much coffee in fact so much that I only use a quarter coffee spoon so that I can have more cuppas in a day without caffeine overload.

I must cut down,😳😳😳 but not today🤣
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Coffee keeps me regular and helps me talk with those weird morning people.
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I felt this was me ... I have started drinking coffee 4-5 cups a day and may be more. For me obvious was to sip something that makes me feel good. Coffee was a choice apart from sparkling water. Difference is I like the feeling of hot/warm stuff getting down my esophagus and makes me lively. But I don't know this is ideal or good in long term. But I am loving it, I like coffee...
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Just joking. Not sure really, could the caffeine take the edge off the cravings perhaps?
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I love coffee, but I can’t drink more than 2-3 cups a day, because it makes me very anxious. I was too sick, hangover and dehydrated to drink coffee while boozing. It feels nice to be able to enjoy it now.
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