8 months

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8 months

Hi friends,

I have reached 8 months sober and I think things are going well. I have got used to alcohol not being an option and have now told numerous people that 'I don't drink'. It's been surprising how few people seem remotely concerned.

My entire routine has changed slowly but surely. My drinking pattern was centred around the weekends, usually bingeing on wine heavily Friday and Saturday and then topping up during the week. I used to wake up on a Saturday morning in a blind panic as to what texts and posts I had left in a blind stupor and also spend time in a grim agitated state trying to piece together fragments of my latest screaming match with my wife. Not any more.

I feel calmer and far more emotionally and physically alive to things, now. My work has improved and people have noticed. I find happiness in small things again and feel more predictable, emotionally. My family are so much happier and I look better.

I have struggled with what to fill the time that I have now, time that I previously spent either drinking or hungover. Although recently, through one of life's little twists, I met an old friend from university days, someone I hadn't seen for 16 years, who has also given up alcohol. It was a real break for me as we are good friends, understand each other and we are now spending more time together - gigs, cinema and also playing golf (something I used to do as a kid) which is great for replacing alcohol time at the weekend.

Slowly and surely but I am managing to place together a sober life. I have not sought support from AA , I would have no problem with it, but frankly, so far, I haven't needed it. Just reminding myself of the consequences of my alcohol use is enough for me to stop the thought pattern. I basically have a rational discussion with the beast going on some of the time.

I think I am one of those drinkers who would rather get off the elevator on the way down, before it hits the bottom at 120mph.

Off to Italy tomorrow and some time off work. Good luck in all your journeys.
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Congratulations on your success.

I had success quitting when I was younger, but decided it was easy enough to quit, I would start again. Really, it was a relapse.

This last quit was held on earth.

Stay clean.

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congrats on 8 months B0gler

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Congrats and thank you for sharing!
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Nice job. Congratulations.
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Very well done, congrats!
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Great post! Glad you are here.

As an AAer, I was desperately ill when I began that journey, 28 mo and 1 day ago. I have developed and work to maintain (through habits like number of meetings, daily devotionals and secular readings, a strong network of sober friends and just plain good folks, yoga,.....) and find that as the backdrop of my life, if you will, feeling like I need it or not has become irrelevant because it has gifted me with a quite amazing life.

External support never hurts - might be a good thing to add a program of some kind into your life, since you do mention still needing things to fill the gaps where you used to drink.

Best to you.
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