2018 Goals!!

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2018 Goals!!

So, I wanted to create a thread sharing some goals we may all have for 2018. Obviously, staying sober or becoming sober is the main goal/achievement for us all! What other things do you want to accomplish?

I have been extremely dedicated to clean eating and intense exercise. In fact, I signed up for a half marathon in July. In August, I will be competing in a competitive Spartan Beast (obstacle racing) in the Colorado Rockies (13 miles with 35 obstacles) and the next day..a sprint in the Elite category (3-4 miles with 20-25 obstacles). The sprint will be against the best of the best! Guys who are sponsored, want to get sponsored, and I’m sure I will get my butt kicked! But I hope to place well. In October, I will be doing a Spartan Ultra (35 miles with 60 obstacles) in Texas. I’m mixing in 5Ks around the year too!

Whew, my goal is to do well in all of these races, stay healthy (no broken bones or torn muscles), and be an example of what recovering alcoholics can achieve. We may have some cracks in us, but we are not completely broken!

What are your goals for the year?
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My goals are pretty simple - get through each day LOL.

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Awesome list of goals soberdude!! I'm similar.... I love running and obstacle courses and my running has got much better since I stopped drinking. I'm doing Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks and a half marathon in October. My big goal is to get a place in the London Marathon and run it in April next year. I ran it 5 years ago but now I'm sober I want to see if I can run it faster this time. The buzz I get after a run and after completing a tough obstacle course is far better than any buzz I temporarily got from drinking...... and it's contagious. My husband does Spartan Beasts/tough mudder etc now too and it's a fantastic thing for us to do together. He doesn't have a problem with drinking but since I quit and got really into fitness, he has too! Just as drinking has so many negative knock- on effects, sobriety has tons of positive ones. Good luck with your training and all the upcoming events..... you're going to need a big display case for all your medals
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My goals are kinda in line with Dee.

I had a 100km charity bike ride scheduled for 3 weeks, however i also took a kick to the knee from a draught horse, so three weels from now is when my knee should stop being so brightly coloured lol.

I have dome financial goals and stuff coming up on maturity I have to make decisions on.

Right now my goals are to live as good a life as I can, get my canning and freezing ready for winter... get my client to install the geothermal system before the end of summer. oh and find the number for the meat truck, one of my horses is going to be hamburger if he ever kicks me again.
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Well done! Iím like Dee keeping my life as simple as possible. Stay sober, clean the house, tidy the garden, work spent time with friends and family. Be grateful in the moment. Avoid as much extra stress as possible.
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My goal is to enjoy each moment, cause we don't know how much longer we'll be here.
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