Lowest I've ever been....

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I do hope you'll keep posting, Steve. The support and encouragement are so helpful. We truly understand what you're going through.
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Steve, your story brought back memories of my crap experiences during binges the last few years of my drinking. It's amazing how I could forget these things so quickly. I seriously decided to quit a few times after particularly bad experiences and would go only about two weeks. 30 days is impressive! You will find friends in AA or an outpatient treatment if you get the chance to go. I'm in my late 30's as well. Fortunately for me I found that many of my friends had naturally cut way back on drinking. I think it's a normal thing to do once you have kids etc... unless you're an alcoholic like me. I had been isolating myself out of embarrassment in fact. Anyway, once I told them I'm done for life none of them questioned it (most I believe think it was probably a good idea for me). I think my relationships have actually improved with most of them as I see them more. Anyway, everyone's situations and friends are different. I just wanted to give you encouragement that there are many people in their 30's who naturally just aren't big drinkers anymore and probably wouldn't even notice or care if you didn't drink.
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Originally Posted by steve202020 View Post

I am going to the doctors tomorrow and will ask about options including antabuse. I would like to try out AA but the problem is I live in a foreign country (my wife is Scandinavian) and don't speak the language well enough, and I'm not sure I would be able to get much out of the AA, and I can't expect them to speak English just for my benefit.

On this point I am living in Asia. There are a lot of scandinavians here. There are meetings in many different languages, the most common being english.

It is not so much the meetings you will need. They help, but are ineffective on their own as a solution for the real alcoholic.

More important would be to find an English speaker who has recovered through working the AA program. He will be able to show you precisely how to recover too. Meetings would be a bonus.

I suggest looking for an english speaking meeting on the website. If you can't find one, just turn up at any meeting, introduce yourself and tell them you are looking for an english speaking sponsor to help you recover. I am certain they will find a way to help you. It's what we do.
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Hi again Steve,

Hope this phase of things settles for you, I remember thinking my whole life was ruined when I had similar problems - the drinking was just the biggest, but everything else was up there, and to me 'unfixable'.
Try to stay strong, it may seem like a tall order mate, but it's do-able.
Keep posting here & telling us how you're getting on, even if it's just to rant or get things off your chest.
All the very best,
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