Day 3 has been the best day yet

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Day 3 has been the best day yet

Today is my 3rd full day sober, and I feel like a whole new person. I slept the best I have in weeks, since my little 2 week bender I was on. My boss complimented me left and right for something I prepared, and which I prepared yesterday and today in my totally sober state. A client reminded me that I am a good person. Because I love animals, and loved on her emotional service dog last week. I ate a super healthy lunch, and an even healthier dinner. I even worked out!! One of those small “7 minute workout” things...but still more than I’ve done in 2 months!!! Most importantly, I had no urges to open a bottle, and I am looking forward to my new future. Even more importantly...I told my best friend in this town (only been here a few years and aside from my family i only have one close friend my age)...who is a huge drinker and who I usually black out with at least every other weekend...that I can’t do “brunch” this weekend. “Brunch” equals straight drinking, which I try to make sound classier by calling it brunch. But it’s not. And I told her I can’t do it...that is HUGE for me!!!!! She’s pretty much my only constant, regular friend here and I chose staying home by myself and taking care of myself instead. I hope this means I am on the right path
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Glad it's going well for you.
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Congrats on those little decisions that help us move forward Rayna

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Three days is great and I am glad you are feeling good. It is not unusual to experience an elevated mood at this stage. Enjoy it, make hay while the sun shines as they say. But be aware that recovery from alcoholism, if that is your problem, is never a linear affair.

At three days you are still detoxing. Alcohol is still present in your body and may be so for another three or four days. If you are an alcholic of my type, that can put you at risk of the phenomenon of craving, and of course, the obsession of the mind can return at any time, detox or months or even years later.

In case you were not aware, the phenomenon of craving occurs when alcohol is in your system, and manifest as an overpowering urge to drink more. The Obsession is just the idea that it is ok to drink because this time will be different.

The least I can suggest is that you be on your guard, but that alone may not be enough. Even better would be to put a plan in place for when you hit a bumpy patch, which is sure to happen. AA would be a good place to learn what is needed, but you may be like me. I resisted the AA idea to almost my last breath. Stupid of me, I know, but I had to be satisfied that there was no viable alternative.
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Congrats! I remember my first few weeks, it was tough, but it was sure worth it!

I have done it without rehab or AA, but I have had many previous relapses like any alcoholic. It’s possible to stay sober without needing it, but many people do need it. Whatever works for you, is what needs to be done to keep you on the righteous path!

As I say, every alcoholic is different, but we all have one thing in common.

Keep going strong! We are always here for support if you need it.
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