That Moment

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That Moment

I'm wondering what your "enough is enough" moment. I'm really struggling with mine. I have a long-term condition and although I can freedom, I'm mostly stuck in bed. Even my OH has to help me bathe. I hate it and have phoned Samaitan s many times.

Yet I do have a few moments of fun - when I can leave the house and not spin out.

I started drinking again as I thought what was the point. My life is so limited and crap. I'd rather die.

But at the same time, I was several years over and enjoyed that. Don't want to lose that completely. I asked my OH to help me yesterday and chickened out
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My enough moment was when I went into withdrawal for the first time on Good Friday. It made me realize how bad things had become. I had a short week and a half relapse and now I am back on day 6.
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Hi StopRelapsing. To be honest, I have had many "enough is enough" moments in my drinking career. The first time I had to go to the hospital due to terrible withdrawal (and having no idea what was going on with me), I told myself enough is enough; this is the end. And it was, for a while... but as time went on and the horror of that day faded, I ended up trying to drink again. As you can imagine, I overdid it and ended up wasted for like 3 days straight.

I personally do not believe in the concept of "rock bottom". Knowing my rock bottom is made of glass and can shatter and go deeper is key to my personal recovery plan. I wouldn't wait for one moment of epiphany when everything becomes clear. You know you need to stop now, or the few freedoms you can enjoy will also be eliminated.

I would get involved in a support network in your area, whether it be AA or NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) or another group that provides support to people who are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental illness. It will make you feel connected and help you understand that despite feeling isolated, you are not alone.

I wish you the best!
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The "enough is enough" moment might be enough to put the bottle down, but it is rarely enough to sustain long term sobriety. There has to be something else in place to carry you through the periods of doubt, through the obsession to drink, when you "forget" the moment or just don't care.

I don't doubt you have had your "enough is enough" moment. Now you need a commitment to sobriety that will see you through.
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