Good news

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Good news

I think my huge work mistake is going to a non-issue. Iíll know for sure tomorrow but i think itís going to be okay and Iíve taken steps to improve myself professionally. I also did not drink any more than my ďroutineĒ amount tonight. I know that doesnít sound like good news, but for me it was. I know myself, and know I canít do cold turkey, so I know I need to wean and get there slowly. I will, I want to. I had no urges to go beyond my regular limit tonight. After a weekend of not having a care in the world of what or how much i drank, or what time it was, small victories at a time, right? I am slowly eating again, and even though I slept like crap last night, the hour-plus I spent wide awake before my alarm went off, I knew this was the bottom and that I could only go up from here. I also knew my limits, and chose not to get involved in a situation tonight that would totally upset my routine and probably cause me to open that other bottle of wine. Thatís a story for another day, and though that was a VERY selfish move to stay out of it, I just couldnít do it for my own sake. I just want to say I am happy and encouraged to have found this place, that I hope you will be patient with me, and I hope very soon to start counting my sober days
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Weaning? That's just prolonging the misery. I'd suggest seeing your doctor and doing a medical detox, with short term meds often given to reduce the anxiety and risk of seizures. Get it over with so you can start living sober.
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Hi Rayna
the best way to quit is to get a doictors advice first.

I could never taper because sooner or later my off switch would break again and I'd drink my house dry.

If you're committed to weaning, the smart moneys on making it a safe decrease, but not a long drawn out one.

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A big reason you gave for not stopping on the weekend was the terrible work screw-up that was worrying you to death. Now it looks like that's a non-issue. So you're now saying that you can't stop because you know yourself and need to wean off the booze.

If you want to stop, as you say you do, then do it today. Go and see a doctor and get medical help. No point procrastinating. If you really want to stop for good, what's the logic in putting it off...?
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I bet you're stronger than you think!
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