life in a bottle

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life in a bottle

Imagine if you lived a life trapped in a bottle.

If everything you could see outside the bottle was distorted and twisted by illusions in the way the glass warped the view.

If your experience of life were limited by the boundaries of the glass walls around you.

If the only intimacy you could find were with the contents of the bottle.

Imagine if nobody could truly love or understand you, nor you they, because the bottle was always between you.

Imagine being limited from even knowing yourself - because the true You could only exist OUTSIDE the bottle.

Imagine one day discovering that you could climb OUT of the bottle.... you could choose to wriggle up the neck and out the mouth and into the vast beautiful world beyond.

Imagine escaping the bottle and never having to go back in.

Imagine being free and joyful and clear and present!!!

Now that you’ve Imagined, pictured, felt it....

Choose it.

Life is so much more, better, bigger, more beautiful- out of that bottle.
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I just love all your posts, Owl! Thanks for all the powerful, inspiring words.
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Learning to live again
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If only I'd had the ability to think that way while I was in the bottle. I'd have come out long before I did. Thank you, Owl - your eloquence never fails to touch us.
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